Topics Worth a Hoot

The American-Catholic William Buckley

Contraception Insanity

GK Chesterton

An awesome article on GK Chesterton by Fr. Leonard. Feeney (yes that one, but it is great!)
Sex, Bureaucracy and Chesterton (I know that covers all the topics)
A reflection by Chesterton on the real and actual simplicity of the Catholic Faith (Fixed)
The Real Issue Today, with a little help from Chesterton
In defense of Pickpockets?
G.K. Chesterton on Motherhood
Chesterton on Skeptics
Chesterton: "Because it is sense"
GKC: The Prudery of the Feminists
“If your church was built on Simon Peter you have a rough foundation.”
GK Chesterton on Juries and their relationship to the Apostles
On Kung, and the lunar light of a "happy suicide"
Using the mirror as a literary tool, a nod to GK
Calling for a mutual non aggression pact

Fr. John Hardon S.J.

New Fr. Hardon videos: Equal devotion to the Bible and Eucharist, Martin Luther's accusations against Christ, Odor of Sanctity, and The Calvinism of John D. Rockefeller
Fr. Hardon on the new catechism and more
Fr. Hardon rebukes Von Balthasar
New Fr. Hardon videos for your further education
What was Father Hardon's role at Vatican II
Fr. Hardon was almost a martyr? And saved Sisters in the process? You bet!
7/13: New Father Hardon Videos
New Fr. John Hardon videos for your enjoyment
Fr. John Hardon takes your Questions
New Father Hardon S.J. videos on Thomas Merton, Usury and more!

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

One must have reverence even in producing the Eucharistic Bread
Significance of the Sign of the Cross
Who can doubt it was Blessed Peter who gave us the Roman Liturgy?
The Important Role of Flowers in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
Pope Paul VI on Liturgical Reform: A Commentary
The Liturgy Grips My Entire Being
Cardinal Ratzinger on Kneeling (Postures): A Full Excerpt from "Spirit of the Liturgy
Why hesitate when changing the liturgy? Hildebrand answers
Dr. Taylor Marshall on the Synod and it's causes
Modify the Orendi to Change the Credendi
We would look rather stupid if we were the only ones here.
Final thoughts on the Star Wars Mass
"What's the problem?" Evangelizing from the ancient rite perspective
Correcting some false narratives about Padre Pio
Protesters of a Different Fold?
On the Feast of Pope St. Cornelius and Cyprian, a look at the lectionary
Fr. Hollowell:"Mass Needs to Be Just What I Want"
Ten Days of Davies: Bringing to light what the Mass truly is (VIDEO)
What is the meaning of kissing the Gospel ?
Mutual Enrichment?: Another look at the variation of the lectionary in the two forms

The #HomoHeresy

Breaking Luther: Gender fluidity flows from Martin Luther
All you needed to know about Stephen Colbert
Dr. Taylor Marshall on the Synod and it's causes
Monday morning apologist
MUST READ! The devils agenda: Transhumanism and the #Homoheresy come together to change the world
CNA: Catholic dissenters' convention keynoter: A pornographic sex columnist?
Headline: Is Pope Francis Backpedaling on Gays?
Modify the Orendi to Change the Credendi
News Roundup just for kicks
This is what a Catholic in good standing sounds like I guess...
Responding to a "Bad Catholic" given the stage

Michael Davies

Normalists: The Nominalist dilemma
Dear Patheos and Register Catholics on matters of holocaust deniers and Latin
Update 4: Parish Priest responds Update 3: Clarification Update 2: Update: A Star Wars Mass in Brooklyn... I kid you not
Final thoughts on the Star Wars Mass
Pope Paul VI on Liturgical Reform: A Commentary
Monday morning apologist
America Then and Now - Patrick Buchanan, Charles Coulombe
The New Evangelization in the Eyes of Catholic groups
On anti-Semitism
Pathetic Scandal...
In defense of Bashing Protestantism
Dave Armstrong's clarifications... what makes one a RadCathR or Madtrad or any other thing.
Pulling people out of context: Calling for cool when reading fellow Catholic bloggers
Yes Deacon Greg Kandra protestants prancing around in clerics is a scandal
A simple response to the charge of clericalism
The Twitterverse: OnePeterFive v. Patheos and Matt Fradd makes a Franciscan joke
I just dont understand Cardinal O'Malley
On Profound Crisis in the Church: Roberto de Mattei (Against Normalist Notions)
Synod 15: Cardinal calls for Mosiac Divorce to be allowed once again (no joke)
USC: Balthasar's denial of the Beatific Vision in Christ
And a Happy Thanksgiving to the Jews, your conversion is apparently unnecessary
Dear Patheos and Register Catholics on matters of holocaust deniers and Latin
Fr. Hunwicke: Do Vatican II enthusiasts really care about the council?
My nomination for best tweet of the year!
Catholic world Report and First Things promoting error: Ecumenism without truth

The Religion of Peace

A Special Threat: ISIS declairs war against Roman Christians
Monday morning apologist

The Second Vatican Council


The Soul of the Apostolate


St. Stanislaus MKE

Von Hildebrands Everywhere

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