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Against John Linder and his ignorant article "I Must Have Missed the Bible Lesson on Climate Change" on the Blaze

The article unadulterated can be found HERE

William F. Buckley Jr. provided the intellectual underpinning of the conservative movement that has shaped American politics since 1964. He was also a devout Christian and a committed Catholic.

But let’s be clear, Buckley was a Catholic but a conservative first, even according to his close friends.

Once, responding to a popular profanation by Nietzsche, Buckley famously proclaimed, “And best of all it appears that God is not dead. He seems to have survived even Vatican II.”

Sounds like Tradish humor…

I did not.

Oh here we go…

I spent early mornings every day for six or seven years on my knees as an altar boy and I believed in the teaching of the Church and the infallibility of the pope. Knowingly eating meat on Friday was, indeed, a mortal sin.

Keep in mind that knowingly and willingly disobeying a law, like a penitential one, bound by the church, and doing it of your own free will is …. AHHHHH… a mortal sin, yes it is.  You know what little the church asks, but people complain about little penances.  Go live in the Middle East cry babies

If you stepped off the curb leaving McDonald’s just after eating a Big Mac and were killed by a truck you were consigned to an eternity absent the glory of God.

Because you knew not to do X, you knew the consequences so deal with it! Actions have consequences, what are you a progressive?

Then came Pope John XXIII. He was a breath of fresh air for a faith in need of one.

Well that’s subjective word play

Vatican II brought many changes. I was bereft over the loss of the Latin Mass, but then I was a romantic.

Wasn’t lost, but hard to find.  Yet the faith was still there.  You on the otherhand being a romantic, up in the air with emotions and politics?

More meaningful to many was the dismissal of the formerly mortal sin of eating meat on Friday.

Read above and also note that people were still bound to practice some form of penance if they choose to eat meat on Friday.

One had to wonder about those who had missed confession on Saturday evening because of the truck. Would this pope retrieve them from Hell?

The rhetoric is weak here. Stop the non sense. You have a free will to choose for or against Christ and for those that he gives authority to bind and loose.  Christ told the Apostles he who hears you hears me and he who despises you despises me.  He promised the spirit would be with them until the end of the age and that it would lead them into all truth (see Apostolic Authority that continues to this day by way of the Catholic Church that was founded by Christ)

Papal infallibility began to falter in my little corner of the world.

Pride, you want to be your own Pope be honest

Papal encyclicals are letters illuminating the pope’s thinking on some aspect of Catholic dogma to a faith of over a billion people. Pope Pius XII proclaimed them the final authority to end debate on a given topic.

This is a pure lie. Pius said nothing of the sort. The texts are part of the ordinary magestarium unless otherwise noted.  Being part of the ordinary means that they are subject to the rest of the churches immemorial teachings.  If novelties exist they don’t hold binding power.  That’s Catholic teaching.  Your citations please.

Papal encyclicals have spoken to life’s prosaic experience on earth as well as the dogma of the church.
Pope Leo XIII, in Rerum Novarum, confronted industrialists for abusing the rights of workers and argued that man, created in God’s image, had inherent human rights to dignity and property.
Pope John XXIII’s Pacem in Terris, issued just after the Cuban missile crisis, proclaimed Peace on Earth and was applauded by President John F. Kennedy. Some, noting that the pope commanded no troops, considered it well intended, but benign.
In Redemptor Hominis Pope John Paul II presaged his crusade on behalf of human dignity in the face of communism. His was the most potent moral voice of the 20th Century and his nine-day pilgrimage to Poland, just one year before Solidarity, foreshadowed the end of Soviet domination in Poland and the collapse of the Berlin Wall.
In the first two years of this papacy Francis seems more attuned to politics than dogma. He has issuedEvangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel), an Apostolic Exhortation in which he attacked “unfettered capitalism” as a new tyranny and condemned “trickle down” economics.
In a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas he promised to sign a papal agreement implicitly recognizing a Palestinian State.

I guess you were asleep at the wheel with Benedict doing the same implicit recognition during his Papacy? Its not just bad guys there, but Catholics who the Pope cares for and wants to help however he can.

After meeting Pope Francis, Cuba’s President Raul Castro expressed a renewed interest in Catholic teachings after his 70-year absence from the sacraments and President Barack Obama has credited the pope for the thaw in relations between Cuba and the United States.
Next month Pope Francis will weigh in on climate change. We can anticipate that he will focus on the poor, and how an increase in global temperature will exacerbate the pain in their lives.
Global temperatures have been both higher and lower than today’s. Warmer temperatures have produced longer growing seasons and more rain to grow a plant to eat. CO2, the villain in the warmist’s melodrama, is necessary for that plant to grow.
In any event, the pope’s caring and empathy for the poor will not alter the sun’s impact on the earth’s temperature. His Father handles that.

Must not know too much Catholic history.  For instance when the Cure of Ars was about restoring his whole Parish, the area experienced no violent storms and was well provided for.

Pope Urban VIII insinuated the papacy into frank science by imprisoning Galileo for the profanation of asserting that the earth orbits the sun.

It had to do with Galileo claiming separate authority to interprete the Bible with very little to no evidence besides his theory.  Plus calling home imprisonment in his own lavish apartment with the continued ability to provide for his studies is hardly an imprisonment.

When Pope Francis locks up Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley for the profanation of ridiculing President Obama’s recent Global Warming silliness at the Coast Guard Academy graduation we will know that Lord is in his Holy Place and all is right with the world.

Perhaps mockery is your thing.  Get back to confession and quit your angry streak.  This is a prudential matter and mockery is not needed.

I respectfully suggest that Pope Francis’ encyclical on this difficult issue will not end, or even alter, the scientific debate on man’s impact on God’s creation.
Just as the mastery of music confers no unique insights as to nuclear war, the study of the Word of God confers no unique insights into climate science.

Oh, so now the Pope cannot put forth even principles. 

Pope Francis has an elevated pulpit for instructing the faithful on the path to salvation. His instructions on the scientific method are not equally elevated.
If abortion, contraception, self-abuse, avarice, gluttony, no fault divorce as well as substantial environment harming practices remain, climate shifts will come, and they will be man made.

Dominus vobiscum.

Your not a priest.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Von Hildebrand's Everywhere!

Lady von Hildebrand and her Husband Dietrich
There has been a flurry of recent interviews of Alice von Hildebrand over the past month or so that have not received much attention, so in an effort to make this great family of theologians and moralists better known I have placed the links below. Joh Henry Crosby of the Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy Project also is featured in some of the interviews specifically with regards to his work in the translation and publication of Dietrich’s works against Hitler.

The first is a link to a talk give by Lady von Hildebrand on May 17th at the Institute of Catholic Culture in Potomac Falls VA.  The description is as follows, followed by the link (because the embedding did not work):

Today the Church’s age old teaching on Marriage is under attack. Following the Synod of Bishops in 2014 and in preparation for the coming Synod in Rome, confusion reigns. What was held as inviolable teaching of the Church only yesterday is suddenly questioned and principles which formed the foundation of Christian society are under direct and open assault. Join the ICC and Dr. Alice von Hildebrand as we study the authentic and beautiful teachings of the Church on the sanctity of marriage and prepare for the battle that lies ahead.

Dr. Alice von Hildebrand delivered the commencement address at the 2015 Commencement Ceremonies on May 16, where she was awarded the St. Catherine of Siena for Distinguished Service to Christ and His Church.

Alice Von Hildebrand and John Henry Crosby visit in studio to talk about the life of Dietrich Von Hildebrand in the new book ‘My Battle Against Hitler: Faith, Truth, and Defiance in the Shadow of the Third Reich.’

Eric’s inaugural guests are Alice Von Hildebrand and author John Henry Crosby. The discussion covers topics of faith and their new book about Alice’s late husband Dietrich Von Hildebrand: My Battle Against Hitler: Faith, Truth, and Defiance in the Shadow of the Third Reich.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Great Book Recommendation: Dad is Fat (and free full audio link)

“Once your baby starts to walk you’ll realize why cribs are designed like prisons from the early 1900s. This is clearly because toddlers are a danger to themselves. The main responsibility for a parent of a toddler is to stop them from accidentally hurting or killing themselves. They are superclumsy. If you don’t believe me, watch a two-year-old girl attempt to walk up stairs in a long dress. It looks like a Carol Burnett sketch. Also, toddler judgment is horrible. They don’t have any. Put a twelve-month-old on a bed, and they will immediately try and crawl off headfirst like a lemming on a mindless migration mission. But the toddler mission is never mindless. They have two goals: find poison and find something to destroy.” - Jim Gaffigan


Friday, May 8, 2015

One Tweet for the Era of Mercy

Yep they are really that lost....

Pray for the Christians in the Middle East


Monday, May 4, 2015

Early Christian Poetry: Drink the Cup of Fire! - Cyrillonas

"The Lord prepared a new banquet, inviting to it those of His household. A feast He prepared for His Spouse to satisfy her hunger. He Himself first offered His own Body, and afterward He was slain by man. He pressed it out in the chalice of redemption, and later on the people also pressed it out on the Cross. Upon His head He placed the crown of glorious prophecy. He sharpened the sacrificial knife of the Law, therewith to immolate His own Body as the paschal Lamb. He brought the nations to His banquet and called the tribes to His feast. He clothed Himself with the true priesthood and with the perfect celebration of sacrifice. He stood there and supported Himself through love and held His own Body high up in His hands. His right hand was a holy altar, His uplifted hand a table of mercy. His omnipotence exercised the true priesthood. He consecrated and blessed Himself, He prayed and gave thanks over His own Body. He sacrificed and slew His own self, He bestowed and pressed out His life-giving Blood. Come, My disciples, thus cries out the Lord, receive Me, I will place Myself in your hands! Behold, here truly do I stand, but at the same time you really and indeed consume Me. Come, My beloved ones, drink also of My Blood, which is the Blood of the New Testament! Drink of the cup of fire, the Blood which inflames all that partake of it, but in order that you may not forget this evening, more precious to you than the day, that you may not forget this hour, in which you have tasted the Divinity, I command you also, My beloved ones, confidants of My mysteries, to do this : the remembrance of this is not to cease among you until the end of the world! Thus, My brethren, shall you do at all times and be mindful of Me ! In My Church let this be My sublime memorial and upon the face of the earth this shall be My Pasch! "

- Cyrillonas

Institution of the Blessed Sacrament