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Response to Mick Krever's CNN article (in which I go line by line again)

So, this is another line by line response to more ignorance spewed by ignorant media types and katholics.  Please CNN find an editor that actually knows the faith so they can edit out the slanders and misunderstandings perpetualted in this work and others on the topic.

American writer: “No matter what, I’m still Catholic”

By Mick Krever, CNN
Mary Elizabeth Williams thinks the Vatican is strict, dogmatic, and backward-looking [blah, blah blah, in other words she remains ignorant of their “faith” and loves the world oh so much.  Nothing new here more statements made to divide people]. She is also a committed Catholic [So she hates what the Church teaches but she continues to profess the Faith?  What does she profess?  The Church isn’t a denomination but the only Church Christ established with his authority to teach.  Catch that His authority, not a man’s authority].
With so much scandal [the homosexual priests getting in in the first place is a scandal that they did disordered things only follows, they need repent as the rest of us and be faithful to the teachings of Holy Mother Church] and conservatism on the key issues of today [Those meanie conservatives always standing in-between you and continued debauchery, and building Sodom and Gommorah all over again, what a pity], it is not unreasonable to ask why progressive Catholics stay in the Church [This is how you know the person completely lacks knowledge of the faith.  The Church is neither conservative nor progressive, she like her divine spouse is eternal her truths aren’t judged by todays ideology, but todays ideologies are indeed judged by the Church who has Authority from the Blessed Trinity to do so.  There is no such thing as a progressive or conservative Catholic, only orthodox or heterodox].
“I think to be questioning, and to call out hypocrisy, and to illuminate injustice when you see it is about as Christ-like as you can get,” Williams told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday.[Ok so….the teachings or the people are wrong…come on you don’t understand the faith….infallibility is not impeccability].
After Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation earlier this month, Williams, a writer, penned an op-ed titled “No matter what, I’m still Catholic.” [Could have been more honest saying “No matter what I am not going to learn the whys for the whats, but will continue to fight against a personally perceived injustice”]
“What I would hope, and what I think we see based on just the stepping down of this pope, is that the Church realizes that it is in a moment of extreme crisis,” [First things shes got right thus far…applause is due] she said. “I don’t expect to see gigantic change, but I do expect to see a message that says, ‘Our priorities are going to be different from now on.’” [On what, the teachings are the teachings, and don’t change…I think you confuse the Catholic Faith with Protestant sects that don’t have authority in the first place to make doctrinal statements].

As cardinals begin to gather in Rome to elect a new pope, Williams says she is hoping for more consistency between the Vatican and the reality of life for the billion-plus Catholics around the world [In other words don’t just be in the World, but be of it, after all truth is what you make it…right?  I mean truth is subjective…wait truth took on flesh dwelled, was crucified and resurrected, so no actually it is objective whether or not you like it doesn’t matter].
“What we see in parishes across the world, certainly I see it in my own parish, is so different from what we hear coming out of Rome,” [Again the same misunderstanding that authority to teach does not rest in her subjective mind, but in the Keys granted to Peter and the Bishops in union with him.] she said, which she described as “very strict, very dogmatic, and a very backward-looking worldview.” [See first memo above]
As a child, Williams recounted, she fought and lost a battle to become an “altar girl.” [Appealing to emotions over authority nice…touché.  But just because she was denied makes no difference. No one has a right to be an Altar anything].
“When I now go to my church and I see girls up there on the altar,” [See indult.  This is a misunderstanding, because the altar server is not ordained but is the helper of the Alter-Christos, usually the first step in promoting a boys vocation to the priesthood]. she said, “that to me represents an understanding, and a little bit of progress.” [No progress because the altar server is not ordained and is a discipline that can be changed if necessary like fish on Friday or even celibacy.  For instance some dioceses still ban “altar girls” and have actually seen increasing vocations since…but no correlation im sure….right].
It is progress she has not seen reflected by her pope. [Misleading statement again, CNN please hire someone who knows the faith to edit for misunderstandings]
“We live in a different world now,” [See we really can’t believe what they did before they didn’t have the knowledge we have today.  We are so smart be even kill children calling them embryos to confuse, contracept ending the lines of future generations and creating a misunderstanding of the biological reason for the marital act, and so forth.  The world is always changing and the Church is there to call it back to the teachings the Creator gave his people, not the other way around] she said, “and I think that the Church has revised itself philosophically in the past, [where?] There’s no reason that it can’t revise itself philosophically in the future, [On what?] and take an attitude that’s just more encompassing.” [On what…come on we know the talking points]
It is important, she believes, for Catholics to keep up their pressure on the Church’s leadership to change. [Christ didn’t set up a democracy, but gave to Peter the Keys to loose and bind, to teach all nations.  But to you no authority is given but obedience to Christ who is the Church necessary].
“We need,” Williams said, “to have people understand that for a lot of us, Catholicism isn’t about towing some backwards-looking line. [No its more like hey I’m ok your ok, we are all ok.  Let’s all be joyful hold hands and believe whatever makes you feel good…what that’s Protestantism…ah  you’re an Episcopalian] It’s about living a faith that is about service, and is about love, and is about compassion.” [Love demands obedience, “If you love me you will keep my commands]


On Benedict and the ending of a pontificate

                             On Benedict and the ending of a pontificate

But anyways I want to give a quick take on the Papacy of Pope Benedict XVI who by the time this will be posted will be Pope emeritus. 

I cannot be more thankful for this pontificate because his Holiness has done more in his 7 year pontificate then JPII, JPI, Paul VI and John XXIII did in my opinion.  Of course many of you will disagree and that’s fine, I tend to be very focused on church history and the “hermeneutics of continuity” as the Holy Father termed it. 
Too often there has been passing of the buck on issues for various reasons.  One of the problems to often avoided has been the ambiguity of VII.  Again I am not against VII on the whole, I just wish that some of the abuses and misinterpretations would be clarified by the Holy Father (still waiting on a new syllabus but don’t expect one anytime soon, heres to hoping for Bishop Schneider being made a Cardinal).  I think Benedict has begun cleaning up things in this manner making it clear that the only way VII can be interpreted in in continuity with the tradition of the church.  His freeing of the use of the 1962 missal from the Moto Proprio Summorum Pontificum has been a jolt in my faith life, not saying it is for all. 

His encyclicals have also been a great joy for me to read and take in fully.  I remember the first book I read when attempting to better understand the faith was to read Jesus of Nazareth Vol 1.  The book was a hit in my mind, so to was his book with Peter Seewald where he really hit on the controversies of the day, calming my mind and instilling great love for Holy Mother Churches selection. 


I only hope for the very best for the Holy Father moving forward.  If you have time during this period of Sede Vacante offer a Rosary for the intention of his wellbeing. As well as one for his successor.
As much as I am terrified as to the path we are about to embark on I have great hope since Christ is always present in the barque of Peter and all we need do is trust him and not be too worrysome.

St. Pope Pius X Pray for us

St. Pope Celestine V Pray for us 

St. Pope Linus, successor of Peter, Pray for Us

Blessed Peter, Pray for us!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for us!

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Us!


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Responding to a "Bad Catholic" given the stage

This is a response to Nicole Pandolfo on her article published in the Washington Times on February 23rd, 2013 entitled: Is 'bad Catholic' the new Catholic?

If you are not in the mood for an honest Catholic take on dishonest closet protestants don't read any farther because this posting will attempt to (in all due charity) address the article line by line calling into question the dissidents reason for even calling themselves Catholic in the first place when really they fail to even attempt to live out the faith and actively destroy the faith handed down from God himself in the second person of the Blessed Trinity.  So enjoy and be not afraid to blast me, but mind you charity and humility doesn't mean you allow error to exist and allow people to walk all over you, those are sins in themselves:

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 24, 2013 — By dogma standards, I am a terrible Catholic...
[Ok so let us begin the critique of this promoted piece.  By the way Washington Times thanks for posting this, I was wondering where the Fishwrappers went when they finished their dissenting pieces.  “By dogma standards” This is a typical avoiding the real issue tactic often brought about by people that are lazy and expect others to be so also.  Dogma means teaching, its not a foreign monarchical term but a term that Christ commanded his followers to teach all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  She admits from the get-go that she is a terrible Catholic according to the teachings of the church, making one immediately wonder does she try to live out the teachings of the faith.  For I am a bad Catholic indeed by I believe everything the church teaches, yet I fall and often must be reconciled to our Lord.  Let’s see if she tries to live out the faith. I believe in reproductive rights [In other words she believes that all should have access to contraception because the body is your own, and quite frankly you cannot trust God to know what is best for you.  You are the decider of life not Him, for those of you interested in going deeper click here.] legal abortion [child murder because you know it really is inconvienent to realize actions have consequences, and they aren’t really People anyways…wait are they alligators?], gay marriage [state promoted confusion of the purpose of marriage which is the possibility of procreation and bonding], and look forward to women in the priesthood [What is the infatuation with this?  As a man cannot give birth physically, so too a women cannot stand in the son ship of Christ.  This is not to look down on them but recognizing that Men and women have unique functions in the Church which is His and not our own, he set the rules because they are his to set.  The Church is his mail carrier, she cannot change what he he has said because the two are one.  Want to go deeper click here, here and here.] I have lived in sin for going on seven years. [Why would you joyfully admit it?  You know its sin yet you don’t want forgiveness on his terms, only on your own.  You want Easter morning before Good Friday.  This is most definatly a sin against the Holy Ghost because its mocking his mercy.  We need to pray for her conversion this is really sad.] My mother raised me as a single parent, and in my writing both for the stage and page I've exploited my past sexual experiences for artistic purposes. [Some of you might say but St. Augustine admitted to his sexual deviancy  but St. Augustine repented of his sins and confessed that what he did was wrong.  There is no point here where anyone can see she regrets what she did so don’t use that defense.]
I am, no doubt, at the top of the papal naughty list. [What do you think she is trying to do by using the word naughty?  I’ll leave this to you.] But what would Jesus say? [You tell us, after all you have appointed yourself as an authority in the church] While I’m no saint, I’m certainly not the worst of the sinners. [“I didn’t kill anyone you see”, in her mind only Hitler is in Hell.  I would remind her that even Saint Paul saw himself as the Greatest of all Sinners, yet he didn’t wish to sin but fought against it daily, dying to self so that it be no longer he that lived, but Christ that lived in him.  This is the life of a Catholic to take up the cross, not to run away and mock the faith when it’s inconvenient for you] I try to be kind and generous to others, give to the poor, be accepting of my fellowman [We tolerate people not ideas, this is exactly where you misunderstand the faith], fight for what I believe to be good [More subjectivism, you see to her there is no such thing as objective truth.  The Catholic vehemently disagrees for Truth is a Person who took flesh, dwelled among us, died for our sins, and gave authority to oversee the Church he set up to his apostles and their successors until his second coming], and generally do unto others as I would have done unto me [But remember whatever you do to the least of these my Brethern you do to me.  I'm sure she is just confused about children not being people until they are wanted….you generally do…please], which explains the progressive viewpoints I listed above. If Jesus could speak for himself, he might just say us “Bad Catholics,” are doing something right. [But Christ does speak to us but not subjectively.  He says to those he gave the authority to and their successors, “He who hears you hears me, and he who rejects you rejects me and the one who sent me.” Remember to what he told those were following him, “Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of my Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. Many will say to me in that day: Lord, Lord, have not we prophesied in thy name, and cast out devils in thy name, and done many miracles in thy name?  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity.”]

I grew up in a small town in New Jersey made up of mostly Irish and Italian Roman Catholics [You see she knows cultural Catholicism] - Methodists seemed exotic [Cause being a dissident is not exotic, but natural, it’s natural to go agains the will of God, that’s what he wants after all], and I didn’t meet a Jew until I moved to the city for college. [The cause of all here frustrations…   :-P ]  Thus, while my experience was limited, I did learn to love Catholicism [At least social justice according to the sisters of our lady of the Pants Suite.  Cause the Pre VII Church is just mean, even though I know nothing other than hysterical anti Catholic statements about it]; it’s a gorgeous religion premised in charity and taking care of one another [Forgot that Charity doesn’t eliminate Justice, it’s not charitable to allow someone to maintain an error, it is in fact a sin to remain silent]. Nothing gives me a sense of peace like being in a dimly lit cathedral with burning frankincense. [I don’t have a problem here.  Except she could be speaking like a Buddhist, which of course is intolerant on my part at least to her, but is ultimately heretical, wow I really feel bad for her that she is so utterly confused].

Sure, all those years of CCD [Let’s be honest, CCD = Cut, color and draw] taught me to obsess over guilty feelings [I mean it’s only sin and blocks Gods infinite mercy.  Whoa to those who call good evil and evil good as our Lord reminds us.  Sin kills, guilt is there to remind you to come back, its not a bad thing but a beautiful thing] , but it also taught me to love thy neighbor and help those many less fortunate than myself in any way I could. With an understanding of Catholicism’s kind foundation, it’s truly a disgust to see its subjugation by power hungry patriarchs [Wait so that’s all Peter and his Bishops are are Power hungry Patriarchs, They have authority from Christ to Teach, you do not.  Christ doesn’t promise impeccability but infallibility for his teachings which it is the responsibility of the Holy Father and his Bishops to pass on, not to make you feel good and maintain your ignorance in a world. This alone tells any faithful Catholic that you misunderstand authority] the powers that be prefer a thousand zealots to a billion reasonable practitioners. [He comes with a reaper to separate the chaff and the grain.  Not with a Teddy Bear. No one is guaranteed Heaven.  The path is long and narrow (hard and not for the worldly) and few will find their way.  Second you use the word reasonable.  This is progressive double speak.  There is nothing reasonable about asking one to take up his cross daily, that is a command, and not an easy one.  If those billion people seek salvation they can find it in the teachings of the church.  But what does it profit my brethren if one should gain the love of the world yet lose their soul?  It profits them nothing.  As he says to the rich young man who asked how he might receive eternal life, he says “Keep the commandments”, that’s an order not an option.  Of course we fail but that’s what confession is for so that we may be reconciled] I could be wrong, but I don’t think Jesus would be pleased. [Consider your personal opinion wrong] If Pope Benedict XVI was perfectly fine further isolating modernist Catholics, I pray that whoever is installed as the new pope will feel the exact opposite. [Considering that modernism is a Heresy, consider that St. Pope Pius X is not impressed by your logic]

It’s not easy being religious in a city like New York [wasn't easy for him to take up the cross in Jerusalem either], where ashes on my forehead at lent elicits the type of gawking one would expect if I had excrement smeared across my face. [What was the purpose of the ashes if you refuse to repent in the first place?  You contradict yourself at every step] Being religious is decidedly not cool, and complicate that with philosophical discrepancies between yourself and your religion’s establishment, and that makes for one extra-guilty Catholic. [The religion that is established by Christ is his Body the Church given the authority to speak for him.  You must choose between being in the world, but not of it; or being in the world and of it, it is not forced on you or anyone.  But you must choose your path, and you have our prayers but don’t complain that it’s hard, of course it is, Earth is not our home but our testing ground.  Our goal is Heaven and it is a race as Paul tells us so run to win].

I happen to live in close vicinity to a church where the priest in charge shares many of my unorthodox views [Yippee a dissident Priest, I mean hey he said it right so it’s ok then…right?   Right? Im not actually going to dig any deeper then possible that takes effort and I have no time for that when I can spend my time tanning or fornicating], to the dismay of some in his congregation [I would say, I mean the reason why one goes to the Church is for Christ and his teachings, not for Father dissidents personal feelings]. Attending mass in this priest’s congregation is the first time that I truly felt I fit in both in regards to my spiritual self and my political self. While you won’t see two men getting married in that church, you certainly won’t hear a lecture about why two men in love is an abomination [Although you know that the Church teaches it, yet for fear of the world we won’t talk about it.  Much easier to put nails into Christ then to be crucified yourself, that’s just not your thing after all.  A dead body floats downstream, a living one goes against the flow, mind you].

You also won’t hear lengthy homilies about how we should crusade against a woman’s right to choose like you would in my hometown. [Choose what to murder a child that is distinct from herself.  Life is either sacred or it isn’t.  Those children that are killed are either people or alligators.  A person is a person no matter how small, how quickly we forget things for convenience sake] Maybe if abortion isn’t right for you, or even Catholics in general, that doesn’t mean it’s not right for the rest of the populace that lives within the same national boundaries as you do. [What makes a toddler a person then, if they can’t make it on their own without your help?  Ultimately you distance yourself from the real question of life and who should and who should not obtain it based on personal preference.  Why is what Hitler did to the Jews, Gypsies, Catholics and Protestants wrong if you can decide who is worthy and not worth of life?  Are you the creator, did you make yourself?  When a child is conceived they are alive, it’s not a mass of cells that will remain such but a living person growing just as you and I grow throughout our lives until our bodies start to break down]

As if it weren’t enough to struggle with faith and doubt within myself, it’s a daily struggle within my environment. Visitors to my apartment see several art pieces relating to Our Lady of Guadalupe and a crucifix nailed firmly above my bed. [But even if you had the actual tilma or a piece of the true cross that will not save you.  We do have relics and sacramental but these things are not superstitious objects to be adored, for that belongs to Christ alone.  Why would you feel awkward?  The purpose of being Catholic in the first place is to bring all into the faith, and the faith is everything because Christ is everything to us.  Our faith not only talks about social justice but contraception, abortion and authority, etc.] Telling a hipster you believe in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph is like telling them you don’t believe in evolution … but the thing is, you do [Ok so someone is ignorant of the church’s teachings on creation, why be afraid to charitably correct them. that is your responsibility and mine, which is hopefully what I am doing throughout this article]. I do. We do. There are many of us out there, perhaps we’re even a majority, and if the Catholic Church wants to keep us around, then it needs to acknowledge we exist. [Thing is he has addressed people like you over and over again click here for a taste.  The Church is not a democracy but the final authority as Christ says “But if thy brother shall offend against thee, go, and rebuke him between thee and him alone. If he shall hear thee, thou shalt gain thy brother. And if he will not hear thee, take with thee one or two more: that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may stand. And if he will not hear them: tell the church. And if he will not hear the church, let him be to thee as the heathen and publican.  Amen I say to you, whatsoever you shall bind upon earth, shall be bound also in heaven; and whatsoever you shall loose upon earth, shall be loosed also in heaven.”]  It seems like you and I do have faith that they will. But for now, when someone asks, “What religion are you?” I’ll continue on with the same explanation as always: “I’m a Catholic, but the ‘Nuns on the bus’ kind.” [The sentence should read “I pick and choose what I wish to believe, you see Im rally a protestant but don’t have the honest integrity to admit it”]

-             End of Story    -
So I know that is a very blunt response to your article and who know whether you will read this, but if you do you need to know that we are praying for your conversion because each of us need conversion to the Lord every day, just as we must take up the cross every day.  Holy Mother Church loves you, but you must learn to be honest with yourself and the church.  The faith is not yours or mine to pick and choose from, for the teachings are that of Christ and you as a Catholic, especially holding yourself out as one are bound by Christ himself to follow because he puts authority in his name over you and I.  I will pray for you always. 


Monday, February 25, 2013

Pope Paul VI on Liturgical Reform: A Commentary

So I came across this article the other day in regards to an audience that Pope Paul VI gave on March 17th 1965 where he attempts to go through some observations about the liturgy’s reform.  I would remind the listener here that the audience does not specifically concern the 1970 missal commonly referred to today as the Ordinary Form of the Mass, but rather it is concerned with the 1965 Roman Missal that first followed S.C. in taking advantage of proposals contained within, as well as non-conciliar proposals that found their way in.  This commentary is the first of two examining the audience from my stance, but it is only an opinion as the second will be.

Before I go any deeper I want to make it clear this video is not about bashing Paul VI or the newer versions of the mass after the 1962 missal of Blessed John XXIII.  Instead this video is to point out that indeed some of the things that are commonly thought to be mostly abuses on the part of liturgical “reformers” in fact did have the highest support for what its worth, for better or for worse.  I hope that this video will help those of you out there think critically about some of the points made, but the commentary is entirely my own opinion and open to criticism from all.
So with that let’s begin.  I have posted the original article I found this on below as well as the Vatican website full text in Italian.  Use Google translate to translate the document for your own studies.
The title of the audience is labeled: 

The participation of the faithful at Mass

Dear Sons and Daughters! [Somewhat P.C. in comparison but for what it’s worth not a big deal to me because these are informal addresses]

Our family conversation in a hearing like this, it cannot return to the topic of the day: the implementation of the liturgical reform in the celebration of Holy Mass. Our desire would be to ask you, if the public nature of this meeting not prevented, as we do in other meetings of a private nature, what are your impressions about this great news. It deserves that everyone will pay attention. Well, we think that your answer to our question would not be dissimilar to those that we reach these days.

[Notice the wording used in this audience it’s not about magersarial church teaching specifically, but more-so a father family conversation, and fairly informal at that.  After all a conversation doesn’t necessarily suppose a conclusion.  When Pope Paul asks for impressions about the news of the revised missal (1965 RM), he is, at least in my mind’s eye, rather jubilant at what is about to be discussed.  Whenever my family sits down at the dinner table and my Dad says something jovial to this effect something big is underway, as those attending the audience would later learn was in fact about to occur.  I also want to note how he asks for their impressions of the great news.  I would remind the viewer here of what happened after the revised missal came out last Advent when the people on both sides of the theological aisle where proclaiming it an objective failure to reach what was really needed for the Church.  I would also quickly remind the viewer that there is nothing wrong with having the conversation in the first place, but using such democratic terms when speaking of something so protected as the sacred liturgy over the years should concern even the average Ordinary Form goer that has some clue as to the importance of the liturgy and what it is.]

The liturgical reform? Can be reduced to two categories those answers. The first category is that of the responses noted some confusion, and therefore a nuisance: first, say these observers, it was easy, everyone could pray as she wanted, everything was known about the performance of the rite, and now everything is new, surprise , change, even the sound of the bell at the Sanctus was abolished, and then those prayers that you do not know where to go and find, that communion received standing, and the end of the Mass that ends in the trunk with the blessing, all of which meet Many moving, rituals and readings recited aloud. . ., In short, there is no peace and we understand less than before, and so on.

[I don’t know whether or not this whole issue can be reduced to two categories but I will hit that hopefully later.  It first notes that the first category is based on responses noting confusion, therefore a nuisance.  Confusion doesn't outright guarantee a nuisance by any standard.  Of course the translation could be off, but a nuisance is had when something is left unchecked to which I think part of this audience (although not seen by most of the faithful as today's are, sought to clarify the matter before the confusion developed into a nuisance.  He then delves into the concerns about the new form of the liturgy.  He mentions that the people protesting the change complain that prayer was freer, that actions in the worship were known.  In itself this is a caricature of why people were up in arms about the change, but I want to quickly hit this as spoken.  That people were freer to pray then they are now is a fascinating response.  Considering that I frequent the TLM usually about two days a week and the ordinary form about three to four days I do notice the difference that is being talked about.  When you at the Extraordinary form you can in fact (and most do) follow the missal which containing both the spoken Latin and vernacular translation and thus keep yourself focused directly on the actions visibly occurring in the sanctuary.  So too, and I do this less often, one can take the time while at the Holy Sacrifice to offer up prayers of any sort including the rosary which is so often maligned by people thinking that saying the rosary at mass is inappropriate because it disallows real focus to be had on that is actually occurring at that time.  I disagree with this thought because one can be praying at any mass in either form and not be directly focused on the very word, and also action proceeding from the one acting in persona Christi.  Just think of how many times when you hear a reading from scripture or a Eucharistic prayer your mind wanders and you miss the point of either.  Yet you hopefully were in a state of prayer when your find wandered.  See even with the vernacular we become familiar with what is said and not to say be dismiss it but it loses some of the luster that it is always to perpetuate.  Having the chance to focus your attention toward something like a set prayer like the rosary will enable the person to keep their mind always centered toward God.  What I am trying to say is that focus if centered toward the Lord is what we are expected of firstly at the Mass.  One of the things that was forgotten by ridding the liturgy of the bells is the quick response call to focus on what is about to happen concerning the very moment we are transported to Golgotha to take part in the Death of Christ.  I also wanted to make note of the non-scilant way that he brings up reception of the Blessed Sacrament standing.  Perhaps it’s the informal way the address was given but the way in which he receives us is very important.  Everything that occurs at the liturgy including our postures and our mindset speak to who God is and his expectations of his children.  I also wanted to speak to the last part of this paragraph which states: In short, there is no peace and we understand less than before, and so on.  I can actually agree to this statement of those questioning the change because there is an utter lack of silence in the mass and people are constantly called on to do something during every aspect of the mass whether sing or hold hands or motion with your hands one way or the other.  I came across a good article the other day on how silence is fundamental to the lived experience of the mass.
There is a question also as to whether we understand less than before, specifically as to whether some of the prayers now offered by the priest and faithful are somewhat ambiguous thus can lead people to misunderstand their true meaning.]

We will make no criticism of these observations, why should we show how they reveal poor penetration of the meaning of religious rites, and a glimpse not have a true devotion and a real sense of the meaning and value of the Holy Mass, but rather a certain spiritual indolence, who does not want to spend a few personal effort of intelligence and participation to better understand and better fulfill the most sacred of religious acts, to which we are invited, indeed obliged to associate.
 Repeat what these days by all the priests and pastors from all good teachers of religion has been saying: first, that occurs at the beginning some confusion and some discomfort is inevitable, it is in the nature of a practical reform, as well as spiritual, religious habits ingrained and widely observed, producing a little 'upheaval, not always pleasant at all, but, second, some explanation, some preparation, some will assist you soon remove uncertainty and damage the sense and the taste of a new order. Why, third, we must not believe that after some time you will return quiet and devout or lazy, as before, no, the new order will be different, and will have to stop and shake the liability of the faithful present at Mass, before enough help, now we must part, before the presence enough, now you need your attention and action, and before anyone could nap and maybe chat, not now, to listen and to pray. Hopefully soon celebrants and faithful will have new liturgical books and that these also reflect the new form, both literal and typography, the dignity of the previous ones. The assembly becomes alive and active; intervene means let the soul come into activity, attention, conversation, singing, action. The harmony of a Community act, performed not only with outward gesture, but with the inward movement of the feeling of faith and piety, the ritual gives strength and beauty special: it becomes a choir concert becomes, rhythm becomes d ' a huge flying wing to the heights of the mystery and joy of God.

[Ok so like the source I found this audience in I too find this statement to be incredibly frustrating to be nice.  First he says he is not going to offer criticism, then he attacks.  This seems to be the double mindedness that confuses so many in the church leading to perpetual nescience as he addressed before.  He then says “producing a little 'upheaval, not always pleasant at all, but, second, some explanation, some preparation, some will assist you soon remove uncertainty and damage the sense and the taste of a new order. “  Is there anyone else out there that immediately hears the Joker talking to Harvey Dent in the Hospital.  Maybe it’s just me.  I think the viewer can see the hatchet job that is about to be explained away for the sake of obtaining the sense and taste of a new order.  He then goes on and says: “after some time you will return quiet and devout or lazy, as before, no, the new order will be different, and will have to stop and shake the liability of the faithful present at Mass”.  It’s like he is speaking to children here, which many of us are liturgically speaking, but he also hits those who have a great love for the liturgy as said throughout the centuries.  I realize that maybe some people if not most people are lazy by nature but that in itself is not the fault of the liturgy but of the person.  It’s like the people that say ban guns because they kill people, and then ignore the person and why they chose to kill in the first place regardless of the means.  You see the gun like the mass ceases to be a means to salvation (death) and becomes the ends which would be our own personal disposition.  Having seen the results of the new mass since I was young I can boldly say that the innovations to shake the faithful has created a new clerical class of the laity confusing the importance of the priest, thereby calling into question his very purpose in the first place.  So too what is the deal with being quiet and devout during the liturgy.  If one’s mind is focused toward the sacrifice whether offering prayers or in song what does it mind them.  The focus should not turn inward with people so concerned that they are active that they forget the mass is said for them not because they are there.  Maybe it’s just me but sometimes you hear people say the church needs to change because if it does not they will look very foolish all by themselves.  To which I usually respond that the initial sacrifice was only attended to by those silent and devout among us (namely Mary and John and a small group of others).  He then says the following: “now we must part, before the presence enough, now you need your attention and action, and before anyone could nap and maybe chat, not now, to listen and to pray.”  If there is anything that I can’t stand its people napping and chatting and quite frankly I see none of this at the TLM and I am sure at faithful parishes with the ordinary form you don’t see this.  But the blanket statement that the new mass will somehow solve the problem is utterly frustrating.  People that nap or chat can do so whether people are supposedly expected to sing, dance or whatever, in fact try to talk at a low TLM and see the reaction of the other parishioners about.  One is either disposed toward God or he is not.  Those people were able to listen and pray before in the silence but the hyper active new liturgical movement he speaks of does lend itself to constant shifting, therefore constant confusion because people are expected to follow every aspect and if they are off they will be noticed for not being in sync.  I would note that if someone attends the TLM and is afraid of the awkwardness don’t worry most people as long as you’re not doing crazy things are calm, plus you can sit in the back.  Oh and do where something above casual because this won’t help the standing out thing if that’s your concern initially.  He then states that “The assembly becomes alive and active; intervene means let the soul come into activity, attention, conversation, singing, action.”  I want to note the obvious that action is not a merely physical aspect of ones disposition.  He specifically makes physical action the sole purpose of the liturgy.  I don’t want judge his mindset here but I do wish to call into question why he felt urged to make the statement in the first place…oh wait it was to eliminate confusion which becomes a nescience…I seem to see an opposite day pattern emerging.  “He then states: The harmony of a Community act, performed not only with outward gesture, but with the inward movement of the feeling of faith and piety, the ritual gives strength and beauty special: it becomes a choir concert becomes, rhythm becomes d ' a huge flying wing to the heights of the mystery and joy of God.” So my initial concern just brought but is calmed since he says it’s not just an outward gesture, so we can put the rifles down.  Problem solved as they say.]

Part 1 done... hope it was helpful, please dont use this as a bash piece just an honest thinking through the issues we now are dealing with.  Show your love for Peter, and his Brother Bishops with the Charity Holy Mother Church asks of us.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Papa Benedict resigns his reign

So what is there to say other than that I am in udder shock and have been since when it was announced at the 7:00am mass at the Gesu today.  UHHHHHH....oh wel be joyful for the Holy Father he finally gets that retirement JPII wouldn't give him.  Pray for him and for a Holy Father that is friendly to the Churches tradition.  I will surely miss him but seeing that he plans to go Monastic after his reign we need his constant prayers.

Here is my favorite picture of his pontificate on Corpus Christi:

I cant imagine a more beautiful picture of his pontificate than this with our Lord.

So as to who the next Pope will be one can only guess, and I am not here to speculate, but they name they choose will tell us about their movement to the future:

Names that would present a positive view going forward:


Names not to be hoped for:

3)Innocent: because hes not so innocent
4)Paul: or maybe not....this could start a fight

Cool names:

1)S i x t u s

Ok time to pray.  :-)