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Monday, April 30, 2012

"We are all nuns"?

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So I was looking through the news and what a shock THE NUNS ARE UNDER ATTACK, oh wait its just more propaganda, so since this story was in my local paper (originating from NYT) I feel inclined to say something

the story can be found here: my comments

Catholic nuns are not the prissy traditionalists (of course one must reference Urban dictionary to find prissy's common definition: stuck up, goody-two-shoes, self-centered, all-knowing, hard to please biatches; I guess we are just far too self centered to want to see them proclaiming the full Gospel, what a bunch of biatches)   of caricature. No, nuns rock!(like these guys to the right:) 
They were the first feminists, (women set apart for Christ or the world one must wonder) earning doctorates or working as surgeons long before it was fashionable for women to hold jobs. As managers of hospitals, schools and complex bureaucracies, they were the first female CEOs. (see ladies thats what will make all your dreams come true just ask men, money, thats right money power and on and on)
They are also among the bravest, toughest and most admirable people in the world. In my travels, I've seen heroic nuns defy warlords, pimps and bandits. (The Lord is their Shepard)  Even as bishops (all those wretched bishops were in on it... remember when she was talking about caricatures in the first paragraph, liberal slim) have disgraced the church by covering up the rape of children (thats not to say shilling for the murder of Children is ok, right? Im confused.  Lord have mercy on us all), nuns have redeemed it (Christ redeems his Church through people, perfect time for catechisis, people sin, God saves) with their humble work on behalf of the neediest.
So, Pope Benedict, all I can say is: You are crazy to mess with nuns. (ask Ananias and Sapphira about Peter)
The Vatican issued a stinging reprimand of American nuns this month and ordered a bishop to oversee a makeover of the organization that represents 80% of them. In effect, the Vatican accused the nuns of worrying too much about the poor and not enough about abortion and gay marriage(correction they were so focused on political issues like lining their own pockets so as to provide welfare that they activly taught against the churches doctrines (teachings) thats why, because its the Bishops responsibility as a successor to the Apostles to Loose and Bind, and finally they do so. Glory to God).
What Bible did that come from? Jesus in the Gospels repeatedly talks about poverty and social justice, yet never explicitly mentions either abortion or homosexuality(wrong, you try to seperate Christ, he is Eternal, the same God who spoke through the Old Testiment that condemned such acts (not the attraction, but the act), is the same one who speaks through the Gospels lifting marrage to its true place of importance between a man and a women, and through Paul and elsewhere here). If you look at who has more closely emulated Jesus' life, Benedict or your average nun, it's the nun hands down.(I seem to remember Arch-Bishop Fulton Sheen talking about the Patron saint of Social Justice here
Since the papal crackdown on nuns, they have received an outpouring of support. "Nuns were approached by Catholics at Sunday liturgies across the country with a simple question: 'What can we do to help?' " The National catholic (fixed, AKA Fishwrap) Reporter counted. It cited one parish where a declaration of support for nuns from the pulpit drew loud applause and another that was filled with shouts like, "You go, girl!" (is this what the Mass is a gathering of people to discuss, this doesn't sound Catholic, sounds rather touchy feely protestant to me.  Its a Holy Sacrifice, not a get together, bow your heads and ask for forgiveness)
At least four petition drives are under way to support the nuns (I seem to remember Jesus' take on democracy: here, notice his acceptance of who people thought he was, and yet it continues to this day, silly pagans). One on has gathered 15,000 signatures. The headline for this column comes from an essay by Mary E. Hunt, a catholic theologian (better pronounced Heretic, but I digress) who is developing a proposal for Catholics to redirect some contributions from local parishes to nuns.
"How dare they go after 57,000 dedicated women whose median age is well over 70 (praised be Jesus Christ, the Young Nuns want nothing to do with the socialists, and actually know Pope Leos Writings on Social Justice, not just parts) and who work tirelessly for a more just world?"(notice how justice isn't defined its like Jello you see) Hunt wrote. "How dare the very men who preside over a church in utter disgrace due to sexual misconduct and cover-ups by bishops try to distract from their own problems by creating new ones for women religious?"(Is this really what constitutes an argument now?  Come on really.  Those Bishops who did such terrible things have long since been gone leaving their successors to clean up their Mess, you dont leave Jesus because of Judas)
Sister Joan Chittister, a prominent Benedictine nun, said she had worried at first that nuns spend so much time with the poor that they would have no allies. She added that the flood of support had left her breathless.
"It's stunningly wonderful," she said. "You see generations of laypeople who know where the sisters are - in the streets, in the soup kitchens, anywhere where there's pain. They're with the dying, with the sick, and people know it." (and if you read the CDF's letter they commend this over and over again, this is not an argument)
I have a soft spot for nuns because I've seen firsthand that they sacrifice ego, safety and comfort to serve some of the neediest people on Earth.(agreed, but if they are leading people into error they are not leading them to Christ, the two go hand in hand)
I'm betting on the nuns to win this one. (Win what a popularity contest, Christ didnt promise popularity: And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved)  After all, the sisters may be saintly, but they're also crafty(serpent like ehh?). Elias Chacour, a prominent Palestinian archbishop in the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, recounts in a memoir that he once asked a convent if it could supply two nuns for a community literacy project. The mother superior said she would have to check with her bishop.
"The bishop was very clear in his refusal to allow two nuns," the mother superior told him later. "I cannot disobey him in that." She added: "I will send you three nuns!" (He that heareth you, heareth me; and he that despiseth you, despiseth me; and he that despiseth me, despiseth him that sent me; dissenters and Heretics have disobeyed since the beginning, see Judas, see Arius, see all the Heretics throughout the Church's History and one thing is clear, She burys her enemies, Peters sword is sharp you know).
Nuns have triumphed over an errant hierarchy before. In the 19th century, the Catholic Church excommunicated an Australian nun named Mary MacKillop after her order exposed a pedophile priest. MacKillop was eventually invited back to the church and became renowned for her work with the poor. In 2010, Benedict canonized her as Australia's first saint. (notice how she knew it was wrong and followed church teaching, for more on her watch the video below, oh by the way that Terrible Benedict cannonized her, wow he must be really odd hes both evil and Good, try harder libs you get tangled in twine)
"Let us be guided" by MacKillop's teachings, the pope declared then.
Amen to that. (and for those of you that really want to read Pope Pius X on such: here

Our Lady, Slayer of Heresies, Pray for Us!