Saturday, June 10, 2017

Milwaukee's Largest Corpus Christi Procession this Thursday!!!

In case you are unware, the Churches that line Historic Mitchell Street will be uniting to celebrate the Solemn Feast of Corpus Christi on its proper day!!!

We will begin with a Solemn High Mass at St. Stanislaus.  All are welcome to assist at the Mass and if you need help following along, or need a translation of the Mass it will be provided! All parishes are welcome and the priests are encouraged to come and sit in choir during the Mass. Do come!

Following the Mass we will process by candlelight to St. Anthony's where consecrations to the Sacred Heart will take place.  We will then continue the procession to St. Vincent de Paul where Benediction will be offered.  Perhaps even some celebration there afterwards,

If you need a shuttle to take you back to St. Stanislaus, this will be provided.

PLEASE SHARE. This is the first time we will attempt a massive Corpus Christi procession and we are expecting a really good showing to honor our Lord in his Eucharistic form.

English Flyer

Spanish Flyer