Friday, July 21, 2017

Myths that Glenn Beck told you: Poland is now a fascist state

So, on the 7/21 radio show, Mr. Beck declared that Poland is becoming fascist by removing justices from their court.  Note to Mr. Beck, Poland is not the US, they dont claim to have our values (we dont recognize virtues in America, but value are easy to change) but they do have principles and virtues that have been time honored and have sustained them for a thousand plus years... compared to the what? Less than 300 years here in the US?

So whats the story?


Thats the headline on Church militant today.  Since i dont want to reinvent the wheel here is the link:

Poland recognized Christ as King and even brought in E. Michael Jones to educate them on western manipulation though "libido dominandi.

I stand with Poland and Hungry as the only sane nations in Europe proper that remain.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Pope Francis in context - E. Michael Jones

The following is a pretty good discussion on the new book.  I wholeheartily endorse reading the book.  As an aside, E. Michael began this pontificate as being very open to Francis.  It is only after his travels to Argentina that he has changed his views.