Thursday, February 28, 2013

Response to Mick Krever's CNN article (in which I go line by line again)

So, this is another line by line response to more ignorance spewed by ignorant media types and katholics.  Please CNN find an editor that actually knows the faith so they can edit out the slanders and misunderstandings perpetualted in this work and others on the topic.

American writer: “No matter what, I’m still Catholic”

By Mick Krever, CNN
Mary Elizabeth Williams thinks the Vatican is strict, dogmatic, and backward-looking [blah, blah blah, in other words she remains ignorant of their “faith” and loves the world oh so much.  Nothing new here more statements made to divide people]. She is also a committed Catholic [So she hates what the Church teaches but she continues to profess the Faith?  What does she profess?  The Church isn’t a denomination but the only Church Christ established with his authority to teach.  Catch that His authority, not a man’s authority].
With so much scandal [the homosexual priests getting in in the first place is a scandal that they did disordered things only follows, they need repent as the rest of us and be faithful to the teachings of Holy Mother Church] and conservatism on the key issues of today [Those meanie conservatives always standing in-between you and continued debauchery, and building Sodom and Gommorah all over again, what a pity], it is not unreasonable to ask why progressive Catholics stay in the Church [This is how you know the person completely lacks knowledge of the faith.  The Church is neither conservative nor progressive, she like her divine spouse is eternal her truths aren’t judged by todays ideology, but todays ideologies are indeed judged by the Church who has Authority from the Blessed Trinity to do so.  There is no such thing as a progressive or conservative Catholic, only orthodox or heterodox].
“I think to be questioning, and to call out hypocrisy, and to illuminate injustice when you see it is about as Christ-like as you can get,” Williams told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday.[Ok so….the teachings or the people are wrong…come on you don’t understand the faith….infallibility is not impeccability].
After Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation earlier this month, Williams, a writer, penned an op-ed titled “No matter what, I’m still Catholic.” [Could have been more honest saying “No matter what I am not going to learn the whys for the whats, but will continue to fight against a personally perceived injustice”]
“What I would hope, and what I think we see based on just the stepping down of this pope, is that the Church realizes that it is in a moment of extreme crisis,” [First things shes got right thus far…applause is due] she said. “I don’t expect to see gigantic change, but I do expect to see a message that says, ‘Our priorities are going to be different from now on.’” [On what, the teachings are the teachings, and don’t change…I think you confuse the Catholic Faith with Protestant sects that don’t have authority in the first place to make doctrinal statements].

As cardinals begin to gather in Rome to elect a new pope, Williams says she is hoping for more consistency between the Vatican and the reality of life for the billion-plus Catholics around the world [In other words don’t just be in the World, but be of it, after all truth is what you make it…right?  I mean truth is subjective…wait truth took on flesh dwelled, was crucified and resurrected, so no actually it is objective whether or not you like it doesn’t matter].
“What we see in parishes across the world, certainly I see it in my own parish, is so different from what we hear coming out of Rome,” [Again the same misunderstanding that authority to teach does not rest in her subjective mind, but in the Keys granted to Peter and the Bishops in union with him.] she said, which she described as “very strict, very dogmatic, and a very backward-looking worldview.” [See first memo above]
As a child, Williams recounted, she fought and lost a battle to become an “altar girl.” [Appealing to emotions over authority nice…touché.  But just because she was denied makes no difference. No one has a right to be an Altar anything].
“When I now go to my church and I see girls up there on the altar,” [See indult.  This is a misunderstanding, because the altar server is not ordained but is the helper of the Alter-Christos, usually the first step in promoting a boys vocation to the priesthood]. she said, “that to me represents an understanding, and a little bit of progress.” [No progress because the altar server is not ordained and is a discipline that can be changed if necessary like fish on Friday or even celibacy.  For instance some dioceses still ban “altar girls” and have actually seen increasing vocations since…but no correlation im sure….right].
It is progress she has not seen reflected by her pope. [Misleading statement again, CNN please hire someone who knows the faith to edit for misunderstandings]
“We live in a different world now,” [See we really can’t believe what they did before they didn’t have the knowledge we have today.  We are so smart be even kill children calling them embryos to confuse, contracept ending the lines of future generations and creating a misunderstanding of the biological reason for the marital act, and so forth.  The world is always changing and the Church is there to call it back to the teachings the Creator gave his people, not the other way around] she said, “and I think that the Church has revised itself philosophically in the past, [where?] There’s no reason that it can’t revise itself philosophically in the future, [On what?] and take an attitude that’s just more encompassing.” [On what…come on we know the talking points]
It is important, she believes, for Catholics to keep up their pressure on the Church’s leadership to change. [Christ didn’t set up a democracy, but gave to Peter the Keys to loose and bind, to teach all nations.  But to you no authority is given but obedience to Christ who is the Church necessary].
“We need,” Williams said, “to have people understand that for a lot of us, Catholicism isn’t about towing some backwards-looking line. [No its more like hey I’m ok your ok, we are all ok.  Let’s all be joyful hold hands and believe whatever makes you feel good…what that’s Protestantism…ah  you’re an Episcopalian] It’s about living a faith that is about service, and is about love, and is about compassion.” [Love demands obedience, “If you love me you will keep my commands]


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