Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pope Francis, the leaks and the Mood


So there has been much on my mind lately.  And I have been preparing some videos for my YouTube channel lately, but I have unfortunately lost my want to finish up the post from a while back on Pope Pauls talk on the liturgy.  Hopefully one day I will pick this back up, but with everything going on right now its one of the last things on my mind, and there is so much out there that must be hit on before I go back to this that my head is exploding!

First we have a new Pope!  Francis!  Yeah I know I’m a week late but now’s better than never if you have lived under a rock.  I must admit I was absolutely shocked by the choice and was absolutely terrified that the first things I heard were Jesuit and Argentina.  Now for dis-closer purposes I do go to a Jesuit parish during the week and there is usually no problems.  As the joke goes if no one is hurt during a Jesuit liturgy things went well!  I would concur.  But the knowledge that he is a Jesuit scared me some because of the communist infiltration of the Jesuits, especially in the Latin American lands.  Now to be sure Latin America has hot spots for liberation theology, which is nothing more than Marx with a rosary in his hands, but Argentina is not one of those areas.  In fact it was made know that the new Holy Father was one of the few to stand up against liberation theology, thus curbing the idea from spreading among his fellow Jesuits.  He did not go unharmed by this position and was later banished by his fellow Jesuits to the outer Northern provinces to teach math to the youth in Argentina.  Now even having said that we must be restrained in to much of a high opinion of him lets remain objective. 

I do have some fears from what people have noted about him from his time as a Cardinal in Buenos Aires, most noted at traditional minded sites like Rorote and so forth.  I am also concerned with some of the comments and divulging of the goings of on the conclave now occurring.  I want hit on these two specifically.
First some cardinals like his Eminence Cardinal Mahoney have been tweeting or talking to the media about how the new Pope is their guy because he is so simple!  For instance Cardinal Mahoney has been taking backhanded shots at Pope Emeriti Benedict, mocking his use of sacred vestments, and his insistence on maintaining the various papal traditions like red shoes.  Needless to say im still fuming from the cowardice of Mahoney and his kin, I have had to take it to Christ in adoration, and he has calmed me every time, and reminded me that these men need prayers.  As the Good Cure of Ars said, “there is no such thing as a bad Priest, only a priest that has not been prayed for enough.

Second the divulging of what was going on in the conclave is most embarrassing.  Have these cardinals, these princes of the church no integrity in their words and their actions?  Before his abdication Pope Benedict made it clear that such an action incurs automatic excommunication.  Yet we see these things like that Scola was dissed by his Italian peers immediately, who they voted for, and deliberations among themselves.  If they cannot remain true to their oaths of silence that carry with it the salvation severing force of excommunication how can such people even begin to hold themselves out as shepherds of souls guarding against error and feeding the faithful with correct doctrine.  Their actions speak louder than words.  Now don’t get me wrong their offices are separate from their actions, I don’t challenge that and I respect them with all due expectations for such.  But let us be objective and judge them on their actions, not condemning their office but their decisions made.  Cardinals that have violated this seal have done so willingly, without specific appeal to the new Holy Father to do so, this is a huge problem.  I will say some prayers for these princes of Holy Mother Church and I urge you to do likewise.
These are scary times as many of the cardinals admitted before the conclave, but I am reminded of a movie called “The Dark Knight”, having surety that many of you have seen it, the Batman character when things look like everything is going wrong he is reminded that the night is always darkest just before the dawn.”
May God keep us safe and guide our Holy Father in his undertakings due by his Sacred Office,


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