Monday, February 11, 2013

Papa Benedict resigns his reign

So what is there to say other than that I am in udder shock and have been since when it was announced at the 7:00am mass at the Gesu today.  UHHHHHH....oh wel be joyful for the Holy Father he finally gets that retirement JPII wouldn't give him.  Pray for him and for a Holy Father that is friendly to the Churches tradition.  I will surely miss him but seeing that he plans to go Monastic after his reign we need his constant prayers.

Here is my favorite picture of his pontificate on Corpus Christi:

I cant imagine a more beautiful picture of his pontificate than this with our Lord.

So as to who the next Pope will be one can only guess, and I am not here to speculate, but they name they choose will tell us about their movement to the future:

Names that would present a positive view going forward:


Names not to be hoped for:

3)Innocent: because hes not so innocent
4)Paul: or maybe not....this could start a fight

Cool names:

1)S i x t u s

Ok time to pray.  :-)

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