Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pathetic Scandal...

Ok, so hold up for a second...

The documentary/movie "The Principle" will be released this year and Michael Voris of CMTV had the directors including one Mr./Dr. Robert Sungenis on his program to discuss the film and what they hoped for the project.

To be honest I thought the interview was boring, yet I am looking forward to the movie.

But the real story is how after the airing of the Mic'd Up the other night some in the Catholic blogosphere took it upon themselves to publicly proclaim the director (one Mr. Sungenis) the worst thing since unsliced bread.

You can go to Keatings facebook but I wont provide a link because the way everyone including the normalists (Keating, Shea and Armstrong) act is irrational and purely misguided causing scandal which they pretend to care about avoiding which you can see in my posts about Shea and Armstrong before.

I think its fair to say that Dr. Sungenis takes some odd positions on cosmology, the Jews [whether what he says is odd or bad or just not something people don't want to talk about in pious company is another thing] and the post concilliar pontiffs.  However the way that the normalists try to bash the documentary is pure iconaclism.  They have a box wrapped up nicely in their minds on such topics and are unwilling to part with them, nor will they hear the other side on the topics.  The same probably applies to Mr. Sungenis.  Why the normalists must destroy the movie by bringing up Bob's views on the holocaust is beyond me.  Credibility in the science realm can have many layers.

We know the universe is not heliocentric by its nature (proving Galileo wrong to begin with), the question becomes is it Geocentric or relative per the therm of relativity.  What good does it do to end the conversation by saying Bob thinks the number of Jew's killed during the haulocaust is less then six million?  What difference did it make the Williamson thought we didnt go to the moon or whether again six million Jews were killed during the holocaust in regards the regularization of the SSPX?  When did talk of such things become anathama and against the faith casting one outside the faith?  We wont be codemned for having odd thoughts on the holocaust, its just a mere fancy some use to cause division where the division is not needed from either side.


Whether the universe holds the Earth in a special place or in an indifferent place is important (perhaps not essential)

The Principle is putting forth info that no one outside the top level cosmologists know about because like the normalists most scientists have placed the study of cosmology in a neat box and put it on the shelf with a dont touch at any cost label.

Will the movie talk about theories that might put forth the possibility of Geocentrism, sure but that is not the purpose of the movie so much as looking specifically at the coprenican principle and seeing if its still relevent and holds true with the info we now have

Let the chips fall where they may normalists and trads alike.   PLEASE!

SO you know what im talking about here is the trailer... im going to watch it because it doesnt scare me to hear that Copernicus was wrong with his Theories and I dont subcribe to the Fr. Spitzer S.J. worldview where you can flip flop on issues at leisure (oh boy i just did the same thing the nominalists did)


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