Sunday, January 12, 2014

More reaction to the principle... oh this is just getting to be so wreckless

ok so really?  This is only getting worse:

Trapping and Exposing Lies and Falsehoods
January 8, 2014 By  23 CommentsFresh from denouncing the errors and gutless cowardice of such menaces as Fr. Father Robert Barron and such dangerous men as Karl Keating, Jimmy Akin, Al Kresta and similar wolves in sheep’s clothing serving the Church of Nice, Church Militant TV now leads its flock of highly discerning disciples in the unerring direction of TRVTH by promoting the rock solid science of geocentrism.  What could possibly be smarter and more deeply Catholic than helping raise the stock of people who have endorsed the unimpeachable fact that the Moon Landings were a hoax, that Roosevelt was a Jew, that Jews probably killed JFK, that “The infection of Judaism and Zionism has become the number one enemy for us”, that Jews are “slave masters”, that “it is becoming increasingly difficult to believe that six million Jews were killed in Nazi internment camps.”, that we should “stop blaming it on the nation who excised [the Jews] and start looking at what the Jewish people do to get themselves excised.” and that the Holocaust was that sad period in history when “the Jews turned on the Germans because they got a better deal from someone else.”  Clearly, I think all Real Catholics[TM] will do well to realize that this track record of sound Catholic teaching is so good that an apostolate whose entire mission is to “trap and expose” “lies and falsehoods” covers itself in glory by promoting such people and their work on geocentrism.  If there is anything that no well-formed Catholic can deny, it is that the  entire universe spins around a non-rotational earth every 24 hours and that Science is a gigantic conspiracy to deny that doctrine of the Faith.  Fans of Church Militant TV should wisely continue to say that any criticism of this latest decision to promote such people and their work is entirely due to the fact that CMTV alone–in the entire Church–is unafraid to tell it like it is and the Church of Nice is frightened and trying to shut up the boldest Truthtellers of our time.  Anybody suggesting that this is an epic demonstration of the corrosive effects that indulgence of pride and anger have on common sense only does so because they are jealous of the undeniable truth and beauty of everything CMTV does, due to the fact that they are members of the Church of Nice who hate God, babies, and adorable puppies. And they are also probably Jews.
Keep it classy Mark, and thanks for not engaging in any ad hominems...

oh and just for kicks Mr. Kevin O'Brian of play fame wanted to add a couple things:

  • Of course we will have commenters claiming that there is a distinction between Galileo, Copernicus and Brahe that morons like us can't appreciate, that the geocentrists are not as crazy as the evil "professional Catholic" Mark Shea makes them sound, that in fact it's quite reasonable to consider that the Jews are behind the problems of our society and that those who close their eyes to the latest lights of the conservative mind - new insights such as the demonstrably false claims of ancient science and the 4,000 year old thing called antisemitism - that those who close their eyes to these wonderful insights are the real bigots.
    But the fact is that Voris has been fueling the fires of schism, fanning the flames of the irrational, and feeding the furnace of wrath for years now. His engine keeps chugging along, but the track leads nowhere.
      Stay classy Kevin

      With minds trapped in this polar "vortex" (bad puns work at times you know) who needs enemies?  I never understood why they just cant exist side by side... pride on both ends with ad hominems' to boot?

      +Seat of Wisdom, Pray for Us!+

      +Patron of clowns, Saint Genesius of Rome, Pray for Us!+

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