Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dear Mr. Beck...

This is an open letter to the Talk show host and founder of the new's source, "The Blaze"

Dear Mr. Beck,

I have been listening to your radio program and watching your TV show on and off for about five years now and have gladly supported your Blaze company over the last few years.  I want to make it clear that I enjoy your work and want to continue supporting your company.

However, again and again you engage in black legends that have been shown to be exaggerations fabricated by protestants and other non Christians for their personal ends.  Some of these include:

Inquisition: Again and again you reference the Spanish Inquisition and the treatment of the Jews as being a great injustice done against a noble and innocent people by the big, bad Romanist Church.  Now granted you use a vague term so as to no directly offend Catholic sensibilities, I guess I should be grateful.  However, again and again you want to attack modern problems by bringing up black legends, which is completely inconsistent with your character of being a lover of history and engaged in pursuing the truth.  Why is it that you never mention why the Jews were exiled in mass in its context, and instead engage in black legend mass killing conspiracies?  Why not acknolwdge the much miligned Pope Alexander VI (the Borgia Pope) was activly inviting the Jew's to take up residence in Rome when hearing about the exile?  So was it really the Church's fault that bad things happened (on a small scale nowhere near the size the legends the protestants brought about)?

Knights Templars: Again another issue of context.  We dont claim the Pontiff is impeccable for Christ did not grant such abilities even to the original Pontiff himself St. Peter.  The knights were accused of grievous things by the state, they were tortured and confessed under that context.  They later recanted the confession seeking Gods forgiveness for such weakness.  Power corrupts, and here was an opportunity for the crown to show authoritie over heros that might pose a threat to power.

Flat Earther Accusations: Yesterday you made a statement that the Spanish, and other dark-age or mid-evil people believed the Earth was flat, and that they believed this to be so because they were coerced into the matter by the state and the Church.  The only problem is that they did not believe the Earth was flat at this time.  You mentioned the story about the Egyptians knowing this, so did the Greeks and Romans.  This knowledge was safeguarded and expanded upon by the Church and her lay people.  You claimed in 1492 they believed you would fall off the face of the Earth if you ventured too far.  This is a false accusation.  They knew the Earth was curved becasue as ships would venture farther and farther from shore it would seem to sink, proving a curvature (or drinking too much). There was no agenda in people thinking that the curvature may end, they didnt have a picture from outerspace to know where the Earth starts and where it ends.  Even the Welsh monks that ventured and might have found America way before the Vikings knew that the Earth was a large mass.

My Point is dont use black legends to justify your anger with the Church.  You, Mr. Beck, are called to come back home.  We await your return to Christ's one true fold and pray for your return daily!


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