Friday, June 27, 2014

When will it be the Church’s turn to win a few battles?

Fr. Jean-Baptiste Chautard O.C.S.O
"When we see the repeated victories of our infernal foes, we may well wonder, in our anxiety, where to look for the salvation of our society. When will it be the Church’s turn to win a few battles?  The answer is easy: we can say with Our Lord, “This kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting.” It will be our turn when the ranks of the clergy and of the religious orders will have begun to produce a body of mortified men who will make the great splendor of the mystery of the Cross blaze in the eyes of all peoples: and the nations of the earth, seeing, in mortified priests and religious,  how reparation is made for the sins of the world, will also understand the Redemption of the world by the Precious Blood of Jesus and the ages of human history will no longer echo with the terrible anguished cry of our outraged Lord – that cry that will at last have found some to make reparation: “And I sought among them for a man that might set up a hedge, and stand the gap before Me in favor of the land, that I might not destroy it I found none.”

taken from The Soul of the Apostolate

A Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart! 

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