Friday, October 23, 2015

A few questions for Tim Staples on Fatima and the Ancient Rite

Tim Staples
I have an on and off again relationship with Catholic Answers.  There are days that I am really excited to take in their various apologetic platforms and then... well some days not.

Before I go any father I want to remind you all that Sursum Corda Milwaukee will be hosting Catholic Answers President Christopher Check on November 6th at St. Stans. The talk is open to the public and you can find more on this by clicking HERE

So the other day on Catholic Answers Live was an Open Forum for Non-Catholics and the guest was Tim Staples.  There were two specific issues that came up that continually confuse me.

1) The question of Russia being consecrated by the Holy Father and the Bishops of the Church

2) The idea that the new rite of the mass is nothing but a translation of the old and that both are equal in every aspect.


As I have stated in the past I don't take a specific stance on Fatima and the demands.  I indeed to believe in the events at Fatima but the poo-pooing that happens again and again is a real concern.

First we can expect huge miracles to occur (see the conversion of Mexico circa the time of the Protestant revolt)

Second the document put out by the CDF and confirmed by JPII on the third secret are probably exactly what was related by Sr. Lucia, but that does not mean that the opinion of the CSF on this particular private revelation is by no means binding on all the faithful.  Tim cant have it both ways saying that people can accept or reject Fatima because its a private revelation, but then double down saying that the CDF opinions are therefore binding on that faithful that the attempted assassination was what Our Lady warned Sr. Lucy of.  Now I'm not saying that this could not have been so, but come on its like trying to claim a definitive position on all that is in the Apocalypse of John

Third, I get it. JPII consecrated the whole world to the Immaculate Heart.  The idea is that he went beyond what was asked and therefore did some greater deed is pretty absurd.  God loves obedience to what he asks, not for us to fancy ourselves as knowers of what must really happen.  God asked specifically through Our Lady that Russia be consecrated publicly together with all the Bishops of the world to her Immaculate Heart.  Now this could have been done anytime since the revelations hit the papal office but again and again it was ignored or slightly altered for political reasons.  Saying that consecrating the world is better then just consecrating Russia doesn't jive with basic theology.  When an exorcism takes place the exorcist must call out the specific demons name (ie Russia's errors), he cannot just do a blanket I command all unclean spirits. to leave.  Just consider that.  Again I dont know, but this is not an ended prophecy even according to BXVI.


As to the OF and EF just being some translations of each other.  Anyone with a hand missal knows this is a joke.  Perhaps you could try and make the case that the Anglican Ordinariate's new missal is a translation of the Gregorian rite, but that is even pushing it.  Seriously we dont have to play games.  If it makes you feel good to call one the ordinary and the other the extraordinary form thats fine and dandy.  Its even ok to say that mutual enrichment needs to occur (without ever saying what is mutual that is).  But no games, one is not a translation of the other.


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