Thursday, October 22, 2015

Our Lady of the Underground: The humble abode of the Holy Family on the run from Herod

Our Lady of the Underground October 22:

It is held by tradition that the Blessed Virgin lived for some years in this subterranean chapel.

“Saint Joseph sought to purchase for a suitable price some dwelling in the neighborhood; and the Lord ordained that he should find a poor and humble, yet serviceable house, at small distance from the city, just such as the Queen of heaven desired.”

“Having therefore found this dwelling near Heliopolis, they took their abode therein. At the first entrance of the heavenly Lady with her Divine Son and Saint Joseph, She prostrated Herself to the ground, kissing it in profound humility and lovingly thanking the Most High for having secured them this place of rest after their prolonged and laborious journeying.”

“She adored the immutable being of God in this prostration, dedicating all that She was to do in this place to His honor and worship. Interiorly She made a sacrifice of all her powers and faculties, offering to assume readily and with joy all the labors by which the Almighty could be served during her exile; for in her prudence She foresaw and affectionately embraced them all. By means of her divine knowledge She set a great value on sufferings; understanding how highly they are esteemed at the divine tribunal, and how her most Holy Son looked upon them as a rich treasure and inheritance.”

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