Monday, October 5, 2015

Von Hildebrands Everywhere Part Three

Seeing as it has been a while since I posted news on Deitrich and Alice von Hildebrand, I would like to take this opportunitee to bring a few things to light for your education and enjoyment.

This weeks keep the faith talk on the FSSP's North American site features a talk given by Alice in 1996.  The talk concerns platos philosophy of education and is well worth a listen. (eventually i will upload this to youtube, but for now it is only on their site and only for the week of October 5- 11th.

Alice was also on The World over with Raymond Arroyo a few months back, I'm just now reposting this because I forgot about it:

The Washington Free Beacon did a review of "My Battle against Hitler" HERE

Oh and over at the Latin Mass Society Chairman blog they have made a point of posting on Deitrich's different views.  All of these posts are wonderful and well worth your time!

1: Aestheticism Dietrich von Hildebrand on beauty, 

2: Evangelical Poverty Dietrich von Hildebrand on beauty, 

3: Irrelevance Dietrich von Hildebrand on beauty, 

4: Raising Hearts to God

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