Monday, November 25, 2013

Buckley the Catholic

The late, GREAT, William Buckley who founded National Review was also a fervent Catholic. 

On marriage and divorce: “I see the Church as echoing the word of the Lord on marriage.”

On contraception: “My own incomplete understanding of the natural law balks at the central affirmation of Humanae Vitae, even as I’d of course counsel dutiful compliance with it.”

On fidelity in general: “Which side to observe? But the answer, for a Catholic, has got to be: the position taken by the Pope, as spokesman for the magisterium.”

On a special note, Mr. Buckley was also a traditionalist and even invited the late Michael Davies onto his Firing Line show to discuss Catholic orthodoxy with a USCCB representative priest from New York once.  Its available for purchase or rent here.  I think its $5 to buy and $1 to rent, it was good either way and shows how tense things were at the beginning of Blessed JPII’s pontificate


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