Friday, November 1, 2013

Trent the Pastoral

The heirarchy has many responsibilities, but its primary one is to see to it that souls are adequately shepherded back to heaven.  To this end the Council of Trent stated the following:

"Bishops and other Ordinaries should remember that they are shepherds and not slave drivers, and that they must so rule over their subjects as not a domineer over them but to love them as sons and brothers; they should endeavor by exhortation and admonition to deter them from wrong doing lest they be obliged to administer due punishment after faults have been committed. Yet if through human frailty their subjects do wrong they must observe the precept of the Apostles, and reprove, entreat, rebuke them in all patience and doctrine; for sympathy is often more effective for correction than severity, exhortation better than threats of punishment, kindness better than insistence on authority. If in view of the seriousness of a crime there be need of punishment, then they must combine authority with leniency, judgement with mercy, severity with moderation, to the end that discipline, so salutary and essential to public order, be maintained without asperity, and that those who have been punished may amend their ways, or, if they refuse to do so, that others may be deterred from wrongdoing by salutary example of their punishment."

just thought it was interesting when I came across this part of the council

2214 §2 (1917 Code)
Citation from I Am With you Always by Michael Davies

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