Friday, November 22, 2013

The Narrators

In almost any book there are certain key characters, a setting that accounts for where the story takes place, a plot to the action inherent and if we are lucky a conclusion.  What is often assumed in any story, and therefore often forgone, is how the stories narrator plays a colossal role in how the story is perceived. 

The world is a giant tale with plots a plenty, and perspectives amassing since its very commencement.  We need not be so naive when viewing situations near and dear to us, most specifically with regards to the present pontificate.

To be sure, there are many things that the Holy Father has said that make me pull out my hair and want to yell at the top of my lungs, “YOU ARE NOT HELPING!”  This is my cry baby side because I don’t like to do extra work when I already have enough things on my plate. Yet, there are many good and perfectly orthodox things that the Holy Father has put out which are fantastic and need be applauded.

So what do both of these things have in common then?  They are both narratives, one propagated the other ignored, not even challenged.  The narrarator then?  The media, dissenting catholics and the forces of confusion, all play a role in how the Church and therefore Her earthly head the Pope are seen by the public. 

I bring this up because many Trads are perfectly happy going after Peter whenever he speaks foolishly and therefore such things find their way elsewhere and confusion ensues (perhaps justly, we deserve what we get) .  Yet when he speaks rightly we are too often silent.  Look even Paul VI said good things and wrote wonderful works that Trads both lay and clerical condemn as not Catholic enough. 

Michael Matt of the Remnant spoke on this very issue in his most recent Remnant Underground video which can be seen below.  Enjoy!

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