Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving and the hodgepodge that follows

First a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
I came across a great quote by Chesterton a while back on the holiday and it follows:
 “In America they have a feast to celebrate the arrival of the pilgrams. Here in England we should have a feast to celebrate their departure” – GK Chesterton
Considering how the puritans thought celebrating Christmas was wrong and continued working on such feast
A protestant on Christmas
days…catch that Scroog was actually common, especially in America until Teddy Roosevelt (a crappy progressive imho) called for it to be a day of rest from work.  That protestant work ethic at it again…what a joke.  Some like Glenn Beck actually are disappointed that we don’t work on Thanksgiving, I am personally happy to have off, and if someone tried to make me work on a Christmas day I would have to consider whether such a person was worth working for to begin with.  I actually wish we had siestas like the historically Catholic countries but the protestant work ethic holds money and power at its head seeking more, and hoarding as quick as possible, how I wish I lived in a Catholic confessional state… BTW I wouldn’t mind finding myself before an inquisitional court.

Oh and before I go I just wanted to recommend, as Vatican II did the idea of nobel simplicity to you, perhaps less choices though, too much variety here, hes making the poor feel bad…

h/t Rorate otherwise they will whine about it

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