Friday, November 22, 2013

Protesters of a Different Fold?

A lot of news has come out on the actions by some in the SSPX fold having disrupted a Jewish-Catholic get together, liturgy type of monstrosity that took place last week in the Popes former cathedral as a Cardinal. 

Now, this has been occurring since the current Holy Father took hold of the Buenos Aires Cathedral so this is not a new event.  The SSPX faithful entered the Cathedral and began yellingly (I know its not a word) praying the Rosary (if that’s possible).  The event has been condemned by the Jewish councils and Catholics alike even supposedly the Pope himself, although this is disputed.  Even the people over at Fisheaters were a little frustrated by the action taken in protest, though they really objected to the way the Rosary was prayed, not that confrontation occurred. 

As to my opinion on the matter I am just a little tired of the perceivable indifferentism that occurs in such “liturgies” or whatever you wish to call them.  I know the goal is to promote Catholic and Jewish relations and beg forgiveness for actions taken in the past by Christians against the Jewish people.  That’s all well and good, and where unjust persecution and  discrimination (notice I said unjust) takes place it should be corrected.  Yet when we invite Jews or Mohammadans or even heretical groups like Anglicans or Lutherans to participate in a “liturgical” gathering that mixes the Catholic faith with other non-Catholic rites or teachings we blur lines and create confusion that poisons the faith of so many, and always (I say this from experience, contradict me if you will) leads to indifferentism.

I personally agree that the event needed to be protested, but how do you go about doing so?  It is common to find in the Milwaukee area parishes (or more recently recasted as Faith Communities) “liturgies” involving protestants like Good Friday services where the Parish priest invites protestant leaders (I cant bring myself to call them pastors, the blind lead the blind) to speak.  Now don’t worry the tabernacles are usually off somewhere else, nowhere to be found of course.  But still they get up there and preach to a primarily Catholic audience seeking comfort on Good Friday. The result?  People in the pews believe it doesn’t matter where the message comes from, and therefore go wherever the message is more attractive.  Disagree?  That’s fine but back it up.

I do wish the SSPX parishioners would have remained outside the Cathedral and prayed the Rosary in a reverent manner befitting the Queenship of Our Lady.  Now I know they will reference Christ overturning the tables in the Temple, but please, as these people entered the Cathedral you could have been reciting the Rosary and made it clear the necessity of Jesus for those Jews coming to the event in banners or some other action. 

Just my thoughts… I could be wrong…most likely am…aww screw it!

Well that could have gone better!

+Pray for the Lukewarm+

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