Friday, November 1, 2013

God uses the lowly to proclaim his Kingship

I think it was a couple weeks ago that the US House stenographer took the liberties to approach the live microphone and go on a rant about the US constitution and the countries founding.

She mentioned that God couldn’t bless this country because the country from her founding rejected God and that her masonic leanings were also at fault for our current predicament.

A couple others took up this matter focusing on the masonic aspect or the apparent nuttiness but it seems like the purpose is forgone in the aftermath. 

Im specifically thinking how the lady later said it was done by the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  It seems conceivable that it was so.  What if it was a warning akin to that of Jonah
to Nineveh?

All I know is that the evils that this nation allows and even promotes deserve divine retribution, and we can be sure such punishment with be swift and just.

The solution is simple Christ must reign both in our private lives and in our public ones as well.  They want peace but they reject the prince of peace?  What do they expect?

To that end I came across a fantastic video to close out the week with speaking of the Kingship of Christ.


Click Here the video doesnt appear in blogger format

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