Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ten Days of Davies: Take Down of Medjugorje

In doing some research for these posts I came across an article alerting me to a work Mr. Davies once put out about Medjugorje.  Make no mistake about it, Michael was fiercely against the supposed apparitions and this work, which you can read in its entirety HERE, is a must in coming to a full understanding of what happened in that little Slavic town.
The following is a short exerpt from the text.

Medjugorje after Twenty-One Years —1981-2002: The Definitive History

By Michael Davies
...On 3 July 1981, the date specified for the final apparition, Father Tadija Pavlovic, pastor of a neighbouring parish, came to Medjugorje to help hear confessions. He was present in the presbytery when what was to be the final apparition took place. There were, in fact, two apparitions, one lasting ten minutes and one five minutes. All six seers affirmed that the apparition had told them this would be her last appearance. Father Pavlovic was shocked when he learned from one of his parishioners that there had been further apparitions on 4 and 5 July. Never again has he gone to Medjugorje to celebrate Mass or hear confessions. According to the seers the apparition had a change of mind concerning her final appearance, and decided to visit them each day. Two years later, in 1983, Vicka was asked by a Father Janko Bubalo why the apparitions had continued after 3 July 1981. She replied: “Really, I cant remember any of this. If someone (i.e. one of the seers) has said this, then it must have been intended to ensure that we were left alone.”
  On other occasions Vicka seems to have had no problem with her memory: I remember very well asking her: Our Lady, for how long will you stay with us?...She answered: As long as you wish, my angels. Imagine, as long as we wish! That means: forever. We did not have the courage to tell her.On another occasion when asked the same question, the apparition replied:
 “Have you had enough of me already?” Can one imagine Our Lady saying this?...

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