Thursday, September 4, 2014

A possible miracle attributed to Fr. Kenneth Walker's intercession

Fr. Kenneth Walker
I have known about this story or a while now, but I did not want to post anything without letting some time pass, and corrections allowed to be made.  Having said that I think enough time has passed and it seems the events in question have not been refuted, rather they have been affirmed.

I hope you still remember the story about the Fraternity priest Fr. Kenneth Walker who was murdered in his Arizona rectory.  We found out a few days later that Fr. Walker had received extreme unction before he died by Fr. Joseph Terra FSSP, so we had relative confidence that Fr. Walker had departed this world in friendship with our Lord.

“Remember Fr. Kenneth Walker FSSP – the young Priest who was killed at his parish in Phoenix? Following the tragic news of his murder he immediately found a special place in my heart. I have been asking Fr. Walker to intercede for me personally on a private issue since he died and he has done wonders for me keeping me afloat in a very difficult situation. 
Well, two other the priests in the FSSP have a Monk nephew – Br (X), who was diagnosed with cancer. Br (X) mother asked for Father Walker’s intercession in his illness and he has been miraculously cured. The paperwork from the doctor says that it is unexplainable by medical science. There is also a rumour that papers are submitted to Rome to open a case for Fr. Walker’s canonization! 
At the moment nothing has been confirmed, but personally I have no doubt this young man is going to be made a saint. 
Here is a note from Br (X) mother:QuoteThis week, we were very blessed to receive the news that the cancer spot that showed up on Br (X) last test has disappeared. His PET scan was completely clear. Deo gratias! He told us about the cancer being active right after Fr Walker’s funeral. I told him I was going to ask Father (Walker) to obtain for us a completely clear scan. He looked at me like I was speaking Chinese. He was probably thinking, “Now she going to go and spoil it for me when I was going to offer it for souls!” Sorry little Brother/son! Looks like Heaven sided with me this time, with help from Fr Walker!”
The Following note was made in Fisheaters for what its worth in verifying the dioceses position on the matter:

"According to my source at FSSP headquaters, permission was indeed granted by the Oklahoma bishop (I assume Bshp Slattery) to pray specifically to Father Walker. They are currently in the process to make sure no one prayed to anyone else. If not, official papers will be sent to Rome to open up the case for Father Walker!
As a side note an online friend after hearing about the miracle prayed to father Walkerand recieved an answer within 90 minutes regarding something she has been stressing over for months. Perhaps he will be the Patron Saint of Quick Resolutions."

Please pray for Fr. Walker and Fr. Terra, who is still recovering!

h/t Fisheaters


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