Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ten Days of Davies: New Davies Talks on Vatican II (Part I)

Below you will find Parts One and Two (of four) of Michael's talks on the council given at the  Von Hildebrand Institute in 2001.

The First video talks about how the "liberals" conspired before and during the council to bring it under their control.  Keep the Faith describes the talk as follows:

"The program for Vatican II was quite different from that which was examined and ultimately promulgated once the Council began. Why is this the case? Michael Davies shows that an organized group of progressives took advantage of the lack of organization of traditionalists and pushed the Council down an unexpected direction."

The Second Video talks about what Pope Benedict Called the Virtual Council, that is how the media manipulated the council to their own ends with help from within and without.  Keep the Faith describes the talk as follows:

"Progressives understood the use of the media in a way in which their opponents did not. Moreover, media men were often on exactly the same wavelength as the progressives anyway. This, Michael Davies explains, allowed the two groups together to give shape to the Council's development."

Tomorrows post will contain Part 3 and Part 4 of the series.  Please enjoy the talks but also support this wonderful apostolate "Keep the Faith"


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