Monday, January 12, 2015

Von Hildebrand: The antithesis of conscience is unscrupulousness

The following excerpt was taken from Dietrich von Hildebrand's book:

Love Marriage and the Catholic Conscience: Understanding the Church’s Teachings on Birth Control

“The antithesis of conscience is unscrupulousness. The man who is indifferent to the question of whether something is good or bad, sinful or licit, is unscrupulous. The man who is blind to the ultimate gravity of the moral order, to the offense against God constituted by sin, is unscrupulous. He also is unscrupulous who deliberately silenced the voice of his conscience and frivolously, without bothering about whether something is good or bad, abandons himself to his impulses. Also, he who is not conscious of man’s capacity for self-deception and the possibility of being value-blind is unscrupulous and acts irresponsibly.”

- Dietrich von Hildebrand -

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