Friday, January 9, 2015

A Few Thoughts on the Coming Climate Change Encyclical

Look, I agree I'm not exactly giddy to see the day this thing is promulgated.  When the news patrols began their freakout coverage a week or so back I was looking for cover (Which reminds me of this:)

But with some time to breath, I am beginning to wonder if we are overreaching slightly.

For instance, I don't have an issue with the prospect of climate change whether it is natural or even man made.  There is plenty of precedence for climate change in the Earths history, most recently there was what some call a "little ice-age" from the 1700's to the 1800's (an era lacking the influence of industrial interference). Yet could there be a real effect of spewing chemicals in the air in large amounts over a short time?  I think its possible, though considering that the atmosphere is so immensely large I am not as concerned as others, plus God created the atmosphere knowing our craziness so... But even having said that I think we can because quite protestant in thinking that God will save us regardless of our actions (including pollution). 

I do hope that the encyclical will touch on the above, but primarily I hope the Holy Father will take the time to address how our actions (as in sin) effect our world.  Terry over at Abby-Roads reminded me of La Sallette and how Our Lady made it clear to the children that the famine was a result of sin.  So too it wouldn't surprise me if crazy whether is a result mostly of our sins.  Consider how St. John Vianny, during his time at Ars, experienced no great weather events outside of basic, needed weather required for any land.  Yet when he died the weather went back to violent, but relatively normal events.

Our sin effects all things, a quick read of Genesis tells us this.

Having said this, I would also ask people to be calm.  We often hear the idea that such and such a person cant remember such a bad weather time in their life, yet all they had to do was step a few years back and BOOM! They were saying the same thing.  Our memory is bad, and everything is a a moment of disaster.  So too our recording of temperatures and events is very limited.


I am seeing a real issue developing whereby people are pitting Cardinal Burke against the Holy Father.  Stop this!! Cardinal Burke is his own man, and he can speak for himself and he is.  Let us not turn this situation into one likened unto Pope Alexander VI and Pope Julius II.  It is of great sadness to me that in order to hoist himself up as important, Julius had to slander Alexander so much that today ignorant Catholic apologists speak ill of Alexander without any knowledge of his life and reign.

Cardinal Burke does seem to enjoy having the freedom outside the curia at this point to speak his mind when called upon. He is making waves with his interviews and making people in the irreligious sphere awkward and afraid so they feel like they need to shield themselves and so they distort the Holy Father as needed.

RELAX, as Aaron Rodgers would say.

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