Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Who can doubt it was Blessed Peter who gave us the Roman Liturgy?

The following passage is taken from Fr. Gihr's work: The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

"While the liturgies of the East are very numerous, there are but few in the West. The principal are the Mozarabic, the ancient Gallic, the Ambrosian and Roman liturgies. The last named has at all times had the precedence, and is now found in all parts of the world. Already Pope Innocent I (4002 – 417 AD), in writing to Decentius, Bishop of Gubbio, about ritual matters, traces the origin of the Roman liturgy to the Prince of the Apostles:  “Who does not know that what has been handed down by Peter, the Prince of the Apostles, to the Roman Church is still observed unto this day, and must be observed by all?” St. Peter, consequently, must be regarded as the founder of the Roman liturgy, for the method of celebration followed and introduced by him was the essential and permanent foundation for its later development and form. “This liturgy, as yet a tender plant, was brought by St. Peter, the Prince of the Church, into the garden of the Roman Church, where by his nursing care and that of his successors, assisted by the Holy Ghost, it has grown to a large tree, and although the trunk has long ago attained its full growth, it nevertheless shoots forth in every century new branches and new blossoms (Kössing). "

From Peter to Peter, the liturgy is recieved in humility

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