Friday, February 19, 2016

Breaking Luther: Gender fluidity flows from Martin Luther

It seems obvious to me that when we hear about people identifying as something other than what they are in reality, this result is from a central point in western history the protestant revolt.

Consider how a protestant considers the Church of Rome and papists therein apostates to the "true, simple faith Christ gave, whereby we are saved by faith alone".  Consider the subjective nature of this statement, who bound this other than each individual feeling it right, rather than knowing by any objective means that it is so.  If it feels right, if I get a warm feeling through my body, that must be the Holy Spirit confirming my thinking.  Objectivity was thrown to the side at the revolt. It was necessary to replace it with a system that would produce results, a system based on subjective interpretations.

How do they know every book within the canon of scripture is scripture?  "Well because 2 Timothy 3:16 says scripture is scripture"... Wait did they just use a text to approve of the same exact text? (circle arguement) Would they do the same for the koran or the book of mormon?  Both claim to be revelation. What is the objective reason you will point to in order to tell muslims and mormons they are in error following these texts?  Are you going to say 2nd Timothy says scripture is scripture?  How do you know 2nd Timothy was even written by Paul, or that its contents in an of themselves are God breathed?  Objectively, how do you know this?

If you reject the Church that can trace itself objectively to being founded by Christ through the laying on of hands, what objective reason do you have to make this decision? Is there some real miracle you can perform to confirm this? Can you trace your beliefs to the earliest Christians in totality?

You bemoan the homosexualist agenda, but you yourselves have given the greatest foundation to them in supporting the contraceptive lifestyle. (not apart from ungrateful Catholics of course) You want a sex life that affirms the pleasure of the action but eliminates the natural, objective order of pro creation... not that far from the homosexualist agenda.  You want sex for the pleasure without consequences, so do they.  This mindset disorders the very purpose of sex and objectively tells God (who gave this function and action to man) that you cannot trust his will when you take actions that have true ordering that is knowable even to the pagan mind.

How can one say they are followers of Christ but knowingly deny the very objective foundations that Christ established based on their subjective takes on a book put together by someone they deny... it didnt fall out of the air.

So what if some goofball gal thinks they want to be a man  and disorder their lives to their own desires.  Mormons do this everyday, they want to be called Christians but they deny that God is Three in one.  The faith alone folks will deny that they can lose their salvation, that repentance is unnecessary to go to heaven as long as they have faith.  That calvinists believe that God created people specifically to send them to Hell. By no means are we speaking of the same religion here, There is only unity through the grand massage of folks like Kasper and ecumaniacs (Cardinal Heenans word).  And that people have become so disordered that they think homosexuality and transgenerderism are ok because its all a matter of subjectivity... this gets placed squarely at the feet of the protestant error that denies the persons ability to come to a knowledge of truth. All is relative to to protestant mind necessarily.

I will leave you with a quote from Luther that best leads to the slow brain drain that leads to the Homoheresy and the mindless insanity of transgenderism

“Reason is a whore, the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but more frequently than not struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God.”

Reminds me of Idiocracy

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