Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Veritas Radio Network

Are you tired of Glenn Beck spouting americanism, and a false sense of patriotism based on his mormon ideas?

Are you tired of Sean Hannity claiming to be a good Catholic, even a former seminarian (thank the Lord its just former and went no farther). Yet he spouts opposition to official Church teaching.

Do you want a radio station that conforms itself with the truth? Why not listen to The Veritas Radio Network?

Mike Church has started his own radio network that prides itself on taking the teachings of the Church as the truth.  Brother Andre Marie of and many other hosts are putting out a great effort starting this network, but they need your help.

Tune into the Veritas Radio Network through their website HERE, or by going to The Official Mike Church Channel YouTube channel every weekday morning around 8am CST to watch the show.

Give it a shot, its worth the chance and its better then the heresies you will hear spouted on the Blaze, or Rush or Hannity.

Give it a shot, and if you like it subscribe!


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