Friday, March 13, 2015

CNA: Catholic dissenters' convention keynoter: A pornographic sex columnist?

Taken from Catholic News Agency:

"Dan Savage coordinates an annual pornography festival. He has made obscene tirades about Pope Benedict XVI, denigrated the practice of monogamy, insulted high school students and publicly harassed politicians he opposes.
>Now, dissenting Catholic group Dignity USA has invited the explicit sex columnist as a keynote speaker to its biennial convention in Seattle this June.
Dignity USA executive director Marianne Duddy-Burke called Savage “an important, provocative, and sometimes controversial figure in the LGBT community and the broader culture.” She told CNA that he would speak on how his Catholic roots have influenced his advocacy and his actions..."

 Read the whole of the article HERE

Oh, but dont concern youself with this... I mean things like Capitol Punishment and covering up CRS crimes are of no concern either!

Dan Savage at Inforum June 11, 2013.Credit: Josh Rodriguez via Flickr (CC BY 2).

And it has been found weak kneed and smells of patheos

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