Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Canon 220 and the Chilean Bishop Crisis: Stop the accusations!

The Code of Canon Law 220: New Revised English Translation (London, Harper Collins, 1997) page 46.

 "No one is permitted to damage unlawfully the good reputation which another person enjoys nor to violate the right of another person to protect his or her own privacy."

 "Nemini licet bonam famam, qu quis gaudet, illegitime laedere, nec ius cuiusque personae ad propriam intimitatem tuendam violare." Code of Canon Law: Latin-English Edition (Washington, Canon Law Society of America,1983) pages 72 -73

The Burden of Proof is on those making the accusations!

The protestant fools have infiltrated this once Catholic nation and the walls are crumbling within.  They have even recognized "Reformation Day" as a national holiday.

I for one will stand and pray for this Bishop and all bishops (even Archbishop Weakland) because the Lord of Hosts demands our fidelity and love to be given to them!

What you dont know is that the Church is under fire because the Chilean government wants to legalize abortion and euthanasia right now and they will smear now and ask questions later!

See how they treat him? This is wrong!

St. Thomas Beckett pray for us!

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