Friday, January 29, 2016

VHE 5: Recent interviews of Alice Von Hildebrand

So Alice von Hildebrand has been busy over the last month or so... so i figured it was time to share some of her endevors with anyone intersted.

A quick thank you to Eric Metaxas for having her for a series of 3 interviews beginning this Tuesday. They are all worth you time:

When Mr. Metaxas airs the 3rd part of the interview (including their disagreement over Luther's revolt) I will post it here as well

Also, Michael Voris of Church Militant did a series of interviews with this good lady back in December which were just released.  Here are a few snippets they released from the interviews, but it is worth getting a free 15 day trial to listen to the totality of the interviews

Oh and Dr. John Rao recently made an appeal to support the Roman Forum which was in part begun with the help of professor Dietrich von Hildebrand.  You can read it HERE

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