Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dear Patheos and Register Catholics on matters of holocaust deniers and Latin

Hi, Its good to hear that you have opinions on issues, so do I and I also have distinctions to make regading your presumptions.

First we dont go to the Extraordinary Form because we love Latin, that would be like saying you are a Christian because Jesus was a good teacher.  We love the TLM because of everything that organically became the Mass of the Saints.  Latin is great but if a novous ordo is said in Latin with all the things that were thrown together haphazardly in the 70's its still not appealing to us.  Thats not to say its not valid or illicit, of course it is, that was decided at the top level, "Rome has spoken the case is closed" after all.  I happen to go to a local Jesuit Parish which only offers mass in the ordinary form during the week so I am not against it, but I dont promote it like I do the TLM.
Its not just the Latin, but the prayers, and all the organically developed practices that make up the ancient rite which were thrown in the trash bin for whatever reason (perhaps confused ecumenism  im not sure).

Second just because a few so called traditionalists are anti-semetic doesnt mean we all must then proclaim that we are not.  Im not, but what does that matter to you? Its like saying Hitler was a Catholic and proclaimed such, therefore every Catholic must now come out of the woodwork and declare that they are against Hitler.  Ummmm, duh of course we are.  The people that are anti-semetic are the ones who push it out front like Williamson and this Gonzalez character who was referenced on Rorate.

Third the post by this Gonzalez was on the TLM in Buenos Aires which has been shown over and over again to be true.  SO what do bloggers do that dont like this info coming out say?  Well hes anti-semetic [?] so you automatically cant trust anything else.  This is not an ad hominum but a non-sequator.

There is my response,


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