Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cardinal Pell on Fellay and the Council

I've seen Cardinal Pell's third party response to Bp. Fellay of the SSPX and I think he is just doing his job as one of the leaders of the Church in supporting the Holy Father.

The interesting aspect of the interview was the following to me:

Q.  So people like Fellay have completely misread Pope Francis?
A.  Yes, it is a gigantic misreading!  In actual fact, the Lefebvrists – many of them – have misread the situation for decades.   It was to Benedict’s great credit that he tried to reconcile with them, but they didn’t respond. Now the Church today accepts the Second Vatican Council. You don’t have to accept every jot and tittle of it, but it is part of Church’s life now, there’s no way around that

A couple notes,
He states that many of them (in the SSPX, using the term Lefebvrists is going overboard when they never accepted it to begin with) have misread the situation.  Well like Fr. Z said this is being vague... might we say ambiguous so as to not really touch on the issues that are contended.  Like I have said before there is a great resistance by many in the heirarchy to see to it that the SSPX is never accredited with providing direction for the church moving forward.  They may say dumb things but I know of bishops in good standing that have said worse and led the many into greater scandal then even Williamson.
The bolded part of the statement is also important because it states the obvious that novelties are still contested legitamatly by many in good standing with the Church, but there is such a reluctance to really look at the fruits of the council and address the problems not just of interpretation but of what was written in and of itself.  It should be noted its not a liberal problem but also a conservative one with the likes of George Weigle pandering to the "Evangelical Catholic" crowd determined to promote the ecumanism of indifference at nearly any cost (my observation...restrictions apply).
He might have well ended with something like:
"Must protect the legacy of the concilliar church and her pontiffs, must...Must...MUST!!!!  Will anyone take him up on the offer to really address the tittles of contension...we'll see.


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