Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Talking about the liturgy at Marquette

When I was at an early mass the other day I noticed this flyer on the confessional doors:

Some might be thinking, "But its a Jesuit speaking on the liturgy and it is about Vatican II."

I know, I know, I had a similar feeling initially just looking at it, but reading closer there seems to be some good things.

First, the decreed on the liturgy from the council is quite beautiful and only contains a few confusing things, but overall its a wonderful document!

Second the talk is being given by a member of the revising commitee that worked to bring the translation in line with the Latin 1970 missal.  He also defended the new translation among his critical peers.

Now I dont have any real plans of going, but it looks like a positive experience as compared to the one at my former parish as per Terrance.


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