Monday, October 28, 2013

What to Read?

Four years ago this would have been the last thing I would have ever written on because quite frankly books are boring…its like reading a pamphlet on pulling tonsils.  I think I can remember a handful of books that I enjoyed reading from the K-12 grades, some important like To Kill a Mocking Bird to something plain foolish as Goosebumps.  It’s the same thing with magazines, too few of them interested me.  I loved ESPN the Magazine because it was drowning in amazing pictures.  Other kids in middle school or high school would talk about having a stash of playboys or other pornographic mags.  To this day I thank the Lord that when I inquired to have my friends give me one they always declined.  Someone was watching over me…Thank you Guardian Angel!

I wanted to take a moment and provide a list of the books I am currently reading and recommend them to you for your own learning and enjoyment.

1.       I Am with You Always by Michael Davies, Neumann Press 1997
This book is primarily concerned with providing an apologetic against the scourge that is Sedevananctism.  Since I delve into areas where many criticize the post conciliar church I have been confronted constantly by sedevacantists (who deny that the Popes since either Pius XII or John XXIII are valid) calling me a heretic for holding that the seat was not vacant since the council.  If you enjoy apologetics and are interested in the topic of the indefectibility of the Church this short, 100 page book is for you!  Price: $12 on Amazon

2.       Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus de Liguori
This Book takes an in depth look at the Salve Regina touching on issues like Mary as Mediatrix of all graces and even the assumption before it was solemnly proclaimed by Pius XII. This is a phenomenal work and I try to read a chapter every Sunday and focus on it for the week.  You will not be disappointed if you pick this title up. 

3.       Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre by Michael Davies
This 3 volume work is a defense of Monsignor Marcel Lefebvre, the controversial Archbishop who established and sustained the Priestly Society of Saint Pope Pius X (SSPX).  I myself am not an advocate for the society itself, especially in the way it is presently constituted, but it is interesting to get an impartial look at this controversial figure in the Churches history and examine his group and their purpose moving forward.  You can find this online for free at the SSPX Asia website.  Be critical in what is said as Mr. Davies is, Stay with Peter but be honest with actions as well.

Prof. Von Hildebrand (source)
4.       The Nature of Love by Dietrich von Hildebrand, St. Augustine’s Press 2009
This was considered Professor Hildebrand’s greatest work on what True Love really is.  Prof. Von Hildebrand was proclaimed by Ven. Pope Pius XII as the, count it, The Doctor of the Church for the 20th Century (JPII the “great” advocates will disagree but being stuck in the muds of Assisi don’t help their cause…im just kidding).  This is a really deep and scholarly book and I am only attacking this a few pages at a time and most often I have to go back and reread because its so dense. Yet this is a fantastic work and foundational in a world that calls things that are disordered love.

5.       Aquinas (Beginners Guides) by Edward Feser
A fantastic beginners book for Thomas Aquinas.  The book covers the life of St. Thomas his metaphysics, natural theology, psychology and ethics.  Other than Dr. Taylor Marshalls book which is free at his website I would recommend this work to people that really want a deep but not too scholarly look at the Doctor of Doctors for Holy Mother Church.  A fantastic read!
I will finish by recommending The Outline of Sanity magazine put out by the American Chesterton Society.  I think you can tell whats its about.  I think a years subscription is around $50, but its worth it especially if you’re a self proclaimed Chestertonian…like me…self proclaimed.

Alight that’s enough….time for cookies… or not
C is for Cookie!

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