Friday, October 17, 2014

Modify the Orendi to Change the Credendi


It is quite amazing how the material (I’m being nice) heretics at the synod have orchestrated a grand attempted takeover.  The shades of the first and second sessions of the Second Vatican Council and the similar attempt (and lets be real the success) to push through today’s novelties is stunning!  However, unlike the council in which the ultramontanists like Lefebvre only established the International group of Fathers to go toe to toe with the Bea and Suenen during the council took effect only during the second session and had little to no effect until later on. Cardinals Pell, Burke, Mueller, et. al, have effectively (for now) countered the Modernist forces [now being called Blue Thursday].

But it was quite interesting to read what Cardinal Burke had to say in his interview the other day:

“The lex orandi is always bound to the lex credendi. If someone does not pray well, then he does not believe well and therefore he does not behave well. When I go to celebrate the Traditional Mass, for example, I see so many beautiful young families with so many children. I do not believe that these families do not have problems, but it is evident that they have more strength to confront them. This has to say something. The liturgy is the most perfect and most complete expression of our life in Christ, and when all of this is lessened or is betrayed every aspect of the life of the faithful is harmed”
 The push to change the “discipline of no communion for the divorced and remarried or to soften the line about active homosexuals being affirmed in their error [see Homoheresy] is just another continuation of changing wording to satisfy the world (just see the video about Pope Paul VI from the other day I posted). But will changing the wording maintain the practice or will the practice change?  Of course it will change!

Historians of the Second Vatican Council make it clear that the discussion on the Liturgy, which was the first document of the council to be promulgated, was supposed to be the last thing discussed [read Mattei’s book on the council for instance]. But the modernist forces lead by Bea, and even to some extent Montini, knew that to accomplish a shift of what the church is they had to modify the orendi.  The Mass is the common activity (much more than an activity of course) of all Catholics and to modify it they could adjust the doctrine in an indirect way.  Modernists are not interested in formally changing doctrine, that’s too sticky and the Holy Spirit protects that, rather they have undertaken an end around to accomplish their goals, by changing the practice they have modified the faith to something more of their own heart’s desire [see Fabian Socialists].

To give another example look at how the synod is not using Latin to promulgate the documents coming out.  The modernists know that Latin being a dead language cannot be manipulated to fit their ends in an end around way, but modern language which is relative (more and more so every day) can be used to make statements that seem both orthodox and heterodox.  You can also see this in how Benedict put a stop to the neocatechumenal way mass after he was advised by the aforementioned Cardinal Burke.  Yet, under the Franciscan Pontificate the neocatechumenal movement is back underway.  So there is more double speak for you, and this should make you ask the question of if the neocatechumenal mass was first condemned, but then approved what about the novus ordo missae?  People love to say that you can’t call into question the new mass because its under the protection of the Holy Spirit.  I think I will let you read or listen to some Michael Davies on that.

The Point is don’t let the word “Discipline” be stretched so far by conservatives or liberals to accomplish their goals.  Just because something is a discipline like celibacy or communion only for those in a state of grace doesn’t mean it can or should change. 

As Chesterton put it: “Don't ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.”  The Cardinals will continue to move the Overton Window so they can retreat yet still make up some ground which they did not have before.  Their initial attempt failed but the orendi is being affected because people are confused, use social media to counter the revolutionaries.

+Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces, Pray for Us!+

an interesting video from Voris:


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