Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Giving Scandal & Learning Humility

I have been troubled lately, and have been trying to learn humility in recognizing my wrongs.

I want to thank Terry for his recent thoughts on pride and on learning ones place through humility.

Today's Gospel in the ancient right was the parable where the King invites people to his sons wedding, but is shunned and his servants that are sent to bring the message are killed.  He later calls for people good and bad to be informed of his feast and to be invited.  At the feast the King then comes across someone not dressed properly for the wedding and casts him out of the feast to the darkness where there is wailing and mashing of teeth.

The more that I ask myself how I can change, the more I feel myself trying to remain complacent in my own pride.  I too often see my thinking as the most important thing.  I'm always quick to correct others, but that log is in my eye.  Looking at it just after Mass today I can again see myself as the man who is invited to the wedding feast but is dressed improperly, in other words my agenda is more important than the feast.

Im trying to find a way to be humble in my thoughts and deeds, while not going soft on truth.  And quite frankly it seems like an endless battle where I'm just trying to keep my head above water.

If I were asked after my conversion where I would be three years later I would have never thought I would be siding with the traditionalists.  I would much rather let things go on without injecting myself into it.  Im no scholor or theologian.  Im arrogant and self righteous...and I hate being called on the carpet for it.

I am the one wearing the clothing inappropriate for the wedding feast.  I cause scandal and drive others away.

I am taking a break not from writing or learning but from placing myself in any place of authority because my pride is far too troubling.

Please pray for me that I learn humility and do His will (which is love and mercy itself) and not my own (narcissism).

Having got that out of my system, I want to make you aware of some fantastic sermons I came across today.  I think you will find these to be fantastic and the way I'm pushing myself to be a better Catholic.

Have a Fantastic day!

And please say a prayer for this Priest


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