Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blogging for what its worth

Other then Adoration, Mass, family time and listening to the radio (because TVs are for the man :-P), I must say I enjoy reading blogs by people in the Catholic world, and once in a while the secular world.  Yet there has been a couple things that have popped up recently that has made me delve deeper into this notable enjoyment of my own, blogging that is.

After Fr. Blake spoke freely on the real trials of working with the poor and the down trotten, and was mocked and ridiculed as heartless for it, it seems like he is at least taking a break from the scene.  So too Terry Nelson over at Abby-Roads has made a point of saying that he is somewhat weary lately with the whole blogging game, and has considered setting it aside for good.  There are others that have brought up the subject, but I think these two test cases lend a look into the way we are all feeling right now.

Everything seems to be going against us.  We are hounded by the secularists as knuckle draggers, homosexual activists and their “allies” are plotting and putting forth plans that are ripping apart the very foundations of the family and who God is.  Even closer to home we have infighting among the Catholic media figures, and a Pope making statements that, although not unorthodox, require further context so that people are not left in confusion, and also that faithful Catholics are not scandalized.

I even feel like when I just wrote that last line that I could give scandal to someone about the Holy Fathers actions since his enthronement, yet if we are not honest about the problems we only fool ourselves into a false slumber. 
Comforts and frustrations seem to be driving us apart from responsibility.  Blogging isn’t a good in and of itself, but a tool that can be used for good or bad.  Critical thought, honest opinions, and straightforward corrections in charity seem to be the focus of Catholic blogging.  Each blogger, though fallible, provides their reader significant insight into things. 

Many of us will disagree with one another on how things are presented or even on what the faith is, but being silent on the matter does not help. 

I for one am grateful for all the different Catholic sources even the Reporter for darkness is exposed in the light.  So what im getting at is that being Catholic is going to be frustrating, and even more being open with the faith will place you in the middle of a fireline with others including the devil that will beat you down. 

Trust in the Lord, do your research, but most of all be a Catholic, and unashamed of being so!

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