Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Feasting with the Pontiffs

Today is a Monumental Feast Day in Holy Mother Church

In the Novus Ordo/OF we have the Feast of Pope St. Gregory the Great, who in the face of great struggles stopped the Lombards from Invading Rome and taught the Patriarch of Constantinople a thing or two about leadership when the Patriarch proclaimed himself the Universal Patriarch, the Pope responded by emphasizing himself as the servant of servants.

In the Ancient Rite/EF todays Feast is for Pope St. Pius X who was the first Pontiff since Pius V to be canonized.  Like St. Gregory, Pope St. Pius was a fighter and humble.  You will often hear people say he was a pomp monarchial dunderhead who paraded around as a Caeser above others.  Yet few realize his humility.  When he was presented with the Papal garb he felt over-whelmed, thinking it was too much for him, but rather than shunning it as a statement from a foregone era the Pontiff accepted the garb in humility so as not to lord over others, but for the glory of the office that Christ gave to Peter, to which he was fortunate and humble to find himself in.  So to when trouble was foaming in the church, specifically the hersey of Modernism, the Holy Pontiff took multiple measures to suppress those who wished to implement such evils within the church. 

Both of these Pontiffs were fearless in their defense of the Church, often paying a high price for their actions.  Let us pray for Pope Francis, and for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI that they would not flee for the fear of the wolfs, but embrace the cross they have been given with joy and diligence.

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