Monday, September 2, 2013

Overly Critical

As dustups go you have the notable ones...

  1. Hatfields Vs. McCoys
  2. Alexander Hamilton Vs. Andrew Burr
  3. Oliver Stone Vs. History
  4. Pedro Martinez Vs. Don Zimmer

Today (luckily for us) we continue to have fisticuffs (or unluckily).

For once Im not speaking of Voris because the supposed controversy isn't such its just reporting of known figures and moving on.

Rather, todays battle seems to be between Catholic Answers and The Remnant 

Now I myself enjoy both apostolate's, finding great value in their works.  I often will reference CA in regards to general apologetics, especially when dealing with protestants because this seems to be their main stick.  So too when traditionalist issues come up I will reference The Remant more often because that is their focus.

It should be noted that neither source holds doctrinal authority in their works, and what they say should be taken with a grain of salt until they can make the necessary references to Church teachings.

The most recent dust up concerns Catholic Answers going forth in producing four hours of programming concerning the topic of "Radical Traditionalism", which you can find here, here, here, and here.

I would encourage anyone to listen to the shows because they do provide a certain context to what is being feuded upon now.  

Having said that The Remnant after each show and one during the intermission of the two, posted to articles on their online site concerning the shows.  I think that they make some good points and corrections to the shows in general that are helpful for context.  You can find them below

Most recently in their video for the Remnant Forum, Mr. Matt and Mr. Ferrara of the Remnant  went after the shows, and the seemingly willful blasting of traditionalists.  I dont really have a position on the video because some points they make are valid, but sometimes they are just being to critical of the shows that were not really about traditionalism but more on the fringes like sedevancantism, and the SSPX which are two hugely different topics but they fit into the same show for obvious reasons.  The video is below and is helpful for context.

To this video Karl Keating, the founder of Catholic Answers put forth a post in their blog a refutation of some of the statements made in the video which are valid and help for contexting the dustup.

Bottom line is noone wants to have labels placed on them.  I dont like to be called a Rad Trad, Mad Trad, liberal, Vatican II sectarian, bread worshiper, RadCathR, post Councillor nut job or anything else I have been accused of.  I think all those at CA and The Remnant would agree on this (not too much to stop, but consciously they would have to stop and think it out).  Both organizations make good points and both should apologize for errors and mis-characterizations of the other.  


CA, The Remnant, Church Militant, Rorate-Caeli, Faithful Answers, Mark Shea, Path....(err I do have a bone to pick with them so no), Dave Armstrong and so forth all have a role to play within Holy Mother Church.  Some of them focus on reporting postive things, others have a focus on negative things.  Some are apologetic organizations with different focuses, both valid and reputable.  Some are just opinionated talkers.  Im not calling for a cease fire as some have because these are big boys and they can handle themselves, but I am asking that we recognize the good in the others points and take them into consideration (even in the smallest sense).  

Recognize the mistakes fix them, move on.  Again all these apostolates have a place (contrary to Fr. Longinecker who commits the same errors as Armstrong previously), and they fall because they are human.  Help pick them up which I think they are sort of doing, with a little more critical taste to it.  There is some fierceness to recent conversations on the Catholic Faith and I appreciate it, but lets keep it on the level of whats being said and not on the person themselves which only devolves into name calling (heres looking at you Dave)


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