Sunday, August 7, 2016

On the recent SSPX communique

A lot of mixed reaction on this, but I think its pretty clear to me.  The ball is in the Holy Father's court, and as a good Father he is being asked by his children to make it clear that they are being
welcomed back to the Church in a non ambiguous way.

I don't think it unwise to demand that Peter be clear with regards to his office and the responsibilities therein. The desire to be canonically recognized, by all accounts, seems to be real, but the recognization is not for fuzzy reasons. I'm not saying that what the communique says is the best approach at this time, but consider the thought of being Fellay.  Doing a quick recognization at this stage is like leading the sheep he has into a buzz saw of confusion.

For a second lets allow the notion that they were really schismatics.  If the Church really desired their coming back into the fold, wouldnt it be at least partially on the Church to make it clear what they are being called into?  And if there are mixed signals, I can understand the hesitancy.

In the end, this can all be fixed when Peter openly proclaims the Church's teachings and holds his brethern to the standard needed to see the Church flourish again.

So the ball is in the Holy Father's court. Will he be clear and thus prompt the recognization or will ambiguity for the sake of LUB reign and people continue to call the society evil.  It's not a good situation as always, but such is the historical impact of every pontiff in his personal decisions.

Furthermore I believe the charlatan and sedevantist Ann Barndhart needs to stop leading others astray.

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