Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Catholic Critique of the American Founding: Dr. Jeffrey Bond



  1. I have listened to the subject video by Dr. Jeffrey Bond twice and I think it is brilliant and extremely important.

    I am searching around to read anything I can by Dr. Bond and will obtain
    some of his other works from

    I remember reading a book about the Federalist Papers about fifteen years ago, when I was beginning to think I was a "patriot" and a "conservative." Since that time I have explored the traditional teachings, especially the social teachings, of the Church and I have come to see that our country was founded by Deists and Freemasons with heavy influence by the Enlightenment philosophers.

    I am seeing this pushing of Americanism all over again now as I did back then and I see that again no one, except Dr. Bond a very few others, is teaching us the the whole truth about the USA's founding.

    I love my country because it has been so good to me and my family and loved ones and I believe that God wants there to be individual sovereign nation states, so one's nation should be justly defended from those who seek to destroy it.

    But my country was NOT founded as a Christian country and my Catholic teachers do not tell me the right position I should have about patriotism and loyalty to my country that does not put the one true God, Christ the King, first.