Sunday, August 7, 2016

Myths Glenn Beck told you: Islam, like Catholicism in it's day, needs a reformation

The notion that Islam needs a reformation, in the same manner that Christianity (ie: Catholicism) needed one in the 16th century, almost gets it right. The problem is what today appeases the masses as the reformation, was not a reforming of the faith (which would come later under great saints like Philip Neri and Ignatius of Loyola) but a revolution that tore Christendom into pieces of silly string.

The protestant revolution did not lead to holiness, it did not lead to peace, it did not lead to holy souls.  Its fruits are there for all to see today. Just some to consider:

1. Confusion: as 30,000 plus man made religions find themselves in open contradiction. All claiming to be filled with the spirit, yet under this notion God is pitted against himself

2. Lies and black legends formed to slander Catholics: In order to strip even the pious men of their authority in the faith, slanders and calumnies were employed to pit peasant against his brother, Lords against the clergy and Kings against kings.

3. Iconoclasm and avarice reigned among the people, especially among the royals.

4. Reason and faith were separated to the point that philosophy no longer sought to understand reality, but to find any manner by which creation could be inverted to play to the desires of any one person.

5. Virtues were replaced with values. Formless as they were, tolerance became a greater pursuit then order which had made Christendom. Soon all things would be given a place at the table, because no one wanted to offend anyone else, since it wouldn’t feel good.

And this is only a start to the fruits of the protestant revolt.

So if a revolution happens in the Islamic world, you are not going to get the desired result. Why? Because Islam is not one as Catholicism is. It is much closer to a mix of Orthodoxy and Protestantism.  Orthodoxy in that There are at least 5 different schools of thought, which disagree with each other all the time leaving nothing ever to get done or affirmed over the whole.   Protestantism, in that it is a pillaging community that values a lack of reason in favor of emotions. Yes that is Protestantism in a nutshell.  Ask Luther to write more theology from the toilet.

The goal is not to see Islam reformed. That is not what our Lord willed so why do we encourage such?  Let the goofy evangelicals and Mormons that push their universalism fall in their own ditch on the matter.  We as Catholics can only be for one thing, the absolute abrogation of the Islamic religion. Not by force, but by use of reason and prayer. Rosaries and Thomistic studies are going to be key tools in such.  That they may be one.  The Church is already one, she never lost that.  She calls the Orthodox, the protestants, the Mohammadans, Jews, etc into that singular communion – Outside of which there is no salvation.

Merely calling for Muslims to not be open to following the example of their revered founder, but instead to practice the values of America… somehow that is supposed to fix things.  Americanism is not an improvement from Islamism, it is a heresy and leads to indifferentism (being lukewarm, at least the Mohammadans are cold).

I don’t want an Islamic reformation, I want the reign of Christ the King and the exposing of all false practices including all protestant sects and muslim and jewish faith pillars.

In the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph and Russia will be consecrated.


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