Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cardinal Napier is a tad bit confused

So... for all of you out there that get all excited with Cardinal Napier because he's a solid bishop, this was one of a few tweets he sent out that completely miss the mark.

The desire for novelty never ends.

That is like asking, "I'm interested in knowing where and when Vatican II asked that only Men be ordained to Holy Orders".

We are literally at the point where every last thing about the Church must be spelled out in order that the hierarchy that has spent a decade at least in school (supposedly focused on philosophy and theology) are clueless with respect to the highest form of worship in which they are called to engage in. Seriously, especially for priests this is the reason for their being... its not a matter of inclusivism.

Vatican II said zilch about the orientation of the priest because it was obvious that the practice of being oriented to Liturgical East was the practice of the Church from time immemorial, and not something to be tossed to the side.

Second fishing for exceptions to the rule of whether x is completely bad is not a reason to remain with the novel status quo. This is not hard but it does take a willing heart to be a good Shepard to the flock and teach them that the liturgy is not about their physical participation. When the priest orients himself toward the east he makes it clear the focus is not on the people (its not a matter of entertaining folks), he symbolically recognizes that Christ will come again in judgement of all and his priestly office to offer sacrifice to the Father, by the Son, through the Holy Spirit is best realized when distractions are removed from his sight.

Change this one aspect of the NO and change the whole world. The focus will turn from an entertainment value to a sacrificial value. The table will be better understood as an altar, and the priest a persona-Christi.

Yeah, its going to be hard and people are going to be upset the jig is up.  Teach the flock, prepare them to be Catholics.

Cardinal Nichols felt it important to direct his priests away from the ancient practice... because its just a matter of preference.  Again, as I have said many a time, even if a practice is a matter of discipline it does not merely constitute an issue of preference. Lex Orendi, Lex Credendi. Preference is not a Catholic matter!

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