Sunday, August 7, 2016

Myths Glenn Beck told you: An Introduction

The other day I found myself listening to the Glenn Beck program, on Podcast of course cause listening to Mike Church (an actual Catholic) on the Veritas Radio Network is way better. I was prepared to enjoy the show, when (like often happens) Glenn made a point of distorting history to suit his values.  In other words he bashed Christendom and the Church.

Now it would be easy to just make that statement and not substantiate it, so I have downloaded the most frustrating segment for your listening before I go on:

So as you can see, there are so many issues with what he said that it is literally maddening. And the worst part is that so many Catholic buy into what he has to say, because most of us dont know anything about the faith so anything that itches the ear and has a conservative tone is a seemingly worthwhile cause.

This new series will pin-point and correct the errors proposed by Glenn Beck, both heard in the video and more. I hope the series will be of help to you and so any Beck fan's out there, cause we are promised we will know the Truth and it will set us free. So truth has an objective means by which it can be ascertained, that is by is Body the Church.

Before I get into one of the errors, it is good to review Americanism, which is a chief problem (obviously) affecting many American Catholic minds that follow him

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