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***Must Read*** First Of Its Kind Research on the Guadalupe Tilma and the end of Islam: Walid Shoebat

 Many are familiar with the Guadalupe Tilma, its unexplained miraculous nature, the symbolism that converted millions from the culture of death in Mexico at the time and so much more. But few have noticed the connection between the Guadalupe Tilma and how it relates to Islam. Venerable Fulton Sheen did dedicate a chapter in his fantastic text "The World's First Love" to this matter, but its depth was limited by his own understanding of Arabic culture. Just recently Walid Shoebat (who is a recent convert to the Catholic Faith, crediting it to the Tilma often) undertook an amazing in depth study into the tilma, studying its link to Islam and what he found was quite frankly amazing.

Just to wet the taste buds I will past a short excerpt below (and will put the full link that is a must read, though long), but its like chipping a piece of ice from the iceberg that compromises his thorough study on the matter. Please share far and wide and pray for the Muslims that they be converted!

"If a scholar in the Arabic carefully examined how Guada is pronounced in Spanish and how Lupe is pronounced in Arabic it gives an entirely new meaning. Firstly, the “G” is silent (Wadda) and the “p” is always pronounced as “b” (Lubba) since there is no “p” in Arabic. So if you ask any Arab, “say Waddalupe,” he will say “Waddalubba” or “Wadi Al-Lubb”. Try it. If we stick with the pronunciation Wadd it also means “love” and Lubb means “heart”. This packs much for Arab linguists since Arabic is an ancient rich language and these words put together packs a whole theological meaning that opposes Islam completely.

Besides the emphases in Arabic that Wadd means “love” it also means “desired” while “Lubb” is “gem” “heart” or to be more specific “core”. For example, the ‘lubb‘ of the atom is its nucleus. The ‘lubb” of the earth is its core. The ‘lubb‘ of the fruit is its core seeds. The “lubb” is literally “heart” and Lubba is “Her heart” or “Her core”.

Lubba also means “her neck,” but not just any part of a woman’s neck, Arabic is very meticulous. In Arabic it is precisely where a woman places the necklace on her neck. So if a Muslim would specifically look at the lubba in the image, he will find a brooch with a black cross which recalls the agony of the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross for the salvation of all mankind. Black here is significant of death and is the attire of sorrow which women dress for forty days. Lubb in Arabic is also wasitat al-qilada (see #4), which signifies “the jewel,” “the purest and best from all,” and a symbol of sanctity. Wasitat also means the intermediary as the cross here is the bridge between man and God. This “heart” symbolism is clear from the Arabic. But this is not only in the Arabic naming. The experts on Guadalupe would agree that besides what we discovered here that in the image the: “Sacred Heart as we depict it with flames above it. Only in Guadalupe and Fatima apparitions have this sign on the hand appeared which shows they are related.” On a side note, Fatima (Muhammad’s daughter) is another subject matter for another research, for it says that St. Mary is the true Fatima and not Muhammad’s daughter whom the Shiite adore as Christians would adore St. Mary.

So what happens when we combine the two words wadda and lubba?

There is more to the Arabic than we explained here. While the root wadd and lubb are significant, wadda and lubba are even more significant since the ‘a’ in the end pertains to a woman (her). Wadda-Lubba in Arabic becomes a packed message. It could mean “love is the desire of her heart”.

Yet if we use wadd in its most common usage it literally pertains to a male deity which means “the god of love”. But what we have here is wadda which strictly means her god of love. Wadd is also regarding someone most precious to a woman, a husband or an only son or firstborn. Adding lubba, the construct becomes rich: Her God of love is in Her core (heart) and is her only son. The use of lubb (core) is no accident. It is no wonder why in Italian the word core is literally heart and in Spanish corazon is also heart: the core. In other words, the message becomes clear that the desired one, this God of love Who is desired, Who is most precious to her, her jewel, this male Son Deity, is in her inner core or what she contains in her inner being Who constitutes love who is also God Himself. Therefore She is pregnant with God.

In essence Wadda-Lubba (Guadalupe) has a response to Islam. This “Wadd” (love) is Christ Who was in the Womb of Mary and is why Christians say “blessed is the fruit of your womb (lubb), Jesus.” In her womb (lubb) always resides the seed and it is this “fruit of Her womb” that is this blessed one.

Adding the image to the name, the construct is remarkably parallel with Christian theology. She is Queen and is the loving Mother and Christ is her Heart and is Her love and He (Jesus) is the very essence of love and He is Her desire as The Father’s only Son, conceived as man in the womb of the Virgin Mary. There are no better Semitic words to use than these two Wadda and Lubba to construct such a message. Anyone objecting that two words (there are actually 4 words adding the “a” at the end) construct such meaning need to only examine Arabic dictionaries and see that what we gave here can be found in the Arabic rich Al-Balagha (eloquence of Arabic). In Arabic, just the word lion has 346 names. It is no wonder as to why the Arabic language is used in concordances of the Bible, where the Semitic languages, including Arabic, add richness to the meaning.

The premise I set here is not without merit. What scholar of Islam and Arabic can deny that from Arabia’s pre-Islamic times and even in Islamic theology, Wadd was proclaimed as a title of God. We have in Islam Allah as “Al-Waddud” (the loving). Wadd is “love” and is also “God” and wadud/waddud is loving and Al-wadud is the loving God which anyone can look up in the 99 names (see #47) on how Muslims define God.

Allah in pre-Islamic Arabia was named “Wadd-the moon god which stood at the head of the Minaean Pantheon: Allat, Uzza and Manat were the three daughters of Allah for this Wadd” (Hitti, 2002, pp. 97-98). Allah was called Wadd in Mecca itself.

It is not that the name Wadd is evil, Wadd (unlike Allah) is not simply a name but a meaning while Allah is a name. What is evil was the corruption of it by attributing the God of Love (Wadd) to an idol. Scripture for example has no problem with the title “morning star” but God objects that Lucifer attributed such a title to himself, for Christ has a similar title. The devil is depicted as a lion (that devours) and so is Christ depicted as a lion, but He is “the lion of the tribe of Judah” Who devours God’s enemies just as the serpent of Moses devoured pharaoh’s serpents. Therefore, a serpent is not always a bad thing, for Moses instructed the Israelites to look upon the bronze serpent.

What the other message from our Lady’s image is the rejection of the moon-god. She proclaims that the God of love (Wadd) is not Allah, but is in the core (lubb) of St. Mary. In other words, the construct says that it was God (Wadd) Who was in Mary’s core (lubb). This message refutes the Quran’s claim:

“they disbelieved when they said: ‘Christ, the son of Mary, is indeed God'”–Quran 5:72

The message from our Lady is “no,” God The Son, her “Wadd” (love) the Creator of heaven and earth is in Her “lubb” (core, womb) and is also Her Heart (the Heart of Mary). This signifies Jesus Christ’s physical heart as the representation of His divine love for humanity."

The whole study can be found HERE, and is well worth your time

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