Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Roosh: Nationalism is a Trap

"More people are coming to the truthful conclusion that globalism is a failure and nationalism, where a country’s people and interests are valued above that of non-citizens, is the way forward. A problem is that the globalism-nationalism framework is exactly the type of dialectic elites can use to usher in a global war or crackdown to further increase their power.

The way the elites move an agenda forward is through a dialectic, meaning that two opposing ideologies rub against each other, create friction, and from that comes a desired result (i.e. “order from chaos”). Those in power either control or monitor the existence of both sides to guide and bend the dialectic to serve their ends.

The recent rise in nationalism, I speculate, has been allowed because previous dialectics such as capitalism vs communism and democracy vs terrorism are no longer useful in advancing the desired agenda. Soviet Communism is dead and increased terrorism did not allow planned wars in Syria and Iran to proceed like 9/11 did with Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, the white vs black race war is years late, stubbornly resistant to the gasoline that Obama pours onto the fire. A new dialectic must be nurtured, and so nationalism may just do the trick. Hillary’s recent alt right speech officially debuted American nationalism as the new “enemy.”…

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