Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dead Baby Girl Resurrected on Hospital Chapel Altar

When I heard that they were upset with Fr. Pavon about "using" a child as a prop when placing the murdered child on the Altar, I couldn't help but remember a story from a short while back

A nurse in Brazil couldn’t bear to take baby Yasmin Gomes, who died shortly after birth, to the morgue, so she placed the tiny body in a box and carried it to the hospital chapel. She left the small box on the chapel’s altar, and when the baby’s grandmother and a mortician went to retrieve the body, they discovered a miracle.

“At first I couldn’t believe it; we couldn’t accept that it could happen,” Elza Silva, Gomes’ gran, said in a report from The Sun. “Then we saw that she was breathing. We hugged each other and started to shout, ‘She’s alive, she’s alive.’ It was a miracle.”

Hospital records show that Gomes was born alive in Londrina, southern Brazil, but died moments later. Though doctors tried to revive her several times, they eventually declared her dead.

Gomes’ mother, 22-year-old Jenifer da Silva Gomes, was devastated.

“My world crashed down right then. It was the most desperate moment when all my dreams were snatched away,” The Sun reported her saying.

“I can assure you, the child was dead. Her pupils didn’t respond to light,” said Ana Claudia Oliveira, the nurse who accompanied the birth and carried the baby’s body to the chapel, in The Sun article. “All her signs pointed to the complete absence of life. I saw it with my own eyes. She was blue all over, completely dead.”

But three hours later the infant was alive and well, in stable condition and recovering in an intensive care unit.

“People can make their own conclusions, but only those who were there know what really happened,” said Doctor Aurelio Filipak, the doctor who battled to save Yasmin Gomes and signed her death certificate. “In 20 years of medicine, I have never witnessed anything like this.”

The Sun reported the young girl’s family plans to change her name to Victoria, which means victory in Portuguese, and they believed her “resurrection” was a miracle.

“There is no explaining miracles,” the mother said. “They happen as God wants. If it was His will that our daughter had died, we would have accepted it, but He brought her back, so there must be a higher purpose in all this.”

Now it was learned that Fr. Pavon's diocese is looking into his actions.  Now I hope this is done in good will, and I think we should all pray for his Bishop that God's will be done.

But do consider neither the child nor the Altar were desecrated since the dignity of both was always respected just as much as when our Holy Father Francis placed a beach ball on an altar.  If a child can be brought back to life when placed on the altar when the parents recognized both the dignity of the child on and the altar itself, how great is it if once seeing the reverence given by Fr. Pavon for the child by resting the human being in the Holy of Holies a person should be spiritually brought back to life. 

When the abstract idea of a fetus is made concrete and its dignity displayed in the presence of the living God, lives can change!!

The article can be found HERE

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